My theological background incorporates an upbringing in the Episcopal Church, study with Catholic Franciscan Monks, and over 47 years of service in Christ involving the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, which has involved preaching, over 40 years of weekly adult Bible teaching, and leadership roles on the Board of Elders and the Regional Church Board.

Along with my life as a follower of the LORD Jesus Christ, I am a stone mason, cabinetmaker, and exotic hardwoods craftsman. I am also an architect with 44 years of experience, and as such, an observer and thinker. I understand how things cohere and the very nature of design, composition, strength, structure, and systems. I have a deep comprehension of aesthetics, physics, and mathematics, and an appreciation for biology, chemistry, hydrology, sociology, and psychology. I have three university degrees and am self-taught in historical theology, particle physics and cosmology. I have taught college level classes on creativity and the environment, as well as lectured at the college level on architecture, creativity and construction.

Along the way of my spiritual walk, I have written scholarly articles, among them are “The Trinity” and “The Elements of Holy Communion.” I have also written an E-book entitled 11:11, the Importance of Putting Jesus Christ First in Your Life.” These documents are all available for free download at Muskrat Books. My first book published by Muskrat Books in 2010 is titled, “I Am, the Great Creator God.” A 20 year-long project from 1990 to 2010 that answers many of the great questions of the ages, this meaningful and thought-provoking book teaches how to have the eyes to see…really see, who God really is.

My second book published by AuthorHouse in 2014 is titled, “A Different Kind of Tree” which is about MY growth story, my “changing” story, from selfish sinner to a child of God. It is a spiritual growth journey, roots seeking nourishment from the surrounding “ground of life”…will you grow straight or grow crooked?  To what are you connected to gain nourishment? Will you produce good fruit? Everyone is on this journey. Find your way to the good life, a life of “Living Water” (John 4:10). This book is your pathway through life’s obstacles, the deadness of dry soil and the burdens of life as we all search for meaning. Follow me…you too can come to know Christ, who has already given you a precious gift you cannot buy nor work for nor deserve, if you will receive Jesus in your heart. Only the peace of God that passes all understanding can remove your obstacles; this is done by changing your heart and your mind in Christ (Philippians 4:7). The more you fight against Jesus, reject God and worship at the altar of the “stuff god”, the more you desire and strive for what the world is selling. It is a dead ended killer. You will not have peace! You will have more obstacles in your path, your roots will be in rocky ground. Learn a different way to grow; turn to your only Savior – Jesus Christ and become…A Different Kind of Tree”.





Haven Mankin, Author