What, don’t believe in Miracles? How limited you are!

Think of the debates, fights and arguments that we have had concerning Biblical issues such as: Did the virgin birth happen? Did Jesus change water into wine? Did the resurrection take place? Did Jesus walk on water? Did the Hebrews cross the rivers on dry land? Did Moses strike a rock and water flow forth? Did Jesus feed more than 5000 people with only a few loaves and fishes with 12 baskets full of leftovers? Did Jesus walk through the walls into that upper room? Did the bush burn without being consumed?

We cannot understand God; we have limits that God doesn’t have. Why is it that we have to have “answers” in a push to understand? Is it our arrogance to control? Can we not simply have awe, wonder, and praise for the omnipotent God that just happens to love us all individually?

To the Creator of the Universe, an omnipotent power dwelling in multiple dimensions we can’t possibly number, these so called “miracles” to us, are no big deal for God to perform. I say to the following: To the scientist that has to have touchable, explainable facts before he will believe a truth, I’m sorry, you are missing so much wonder and majesty. To those Christians that only believe in what they can understand, you are putting limits on God that don’t exist. To the theologians that will believe in some miracle stories and not others, or attempt to “explain them away”, you are putting God in a box that you seek to control. How arrogant! How nearsighted! What makes you think you have to explain it away in some man-made terms limited by our feeble understanding? Shame on all of you!

It wasn’t that long ago that people thought the world was a flat plane, and if you sailed too close, you could go right off the edge. We are so limited. We do indeed have much more knowledge of things than our brethren worried about sea monsters near the edge of the earth, but why do we have such arrogance to assume that “our present truth” is The Truth? Short glimpses back in history reveal that every time this was tried, we were fooled yet again. Like climbing a mountain range, you just think that next ridge is the top; but when you arrive, your vision says you must continue…the summit is beyond what you thought was the top peak.

As an architect, I have a great imagination. I can dream the greatest of dreams. Yet, as much as I can imagine, God and His Kingdom are far greater beyond all words. For you to think you have all the answers, and only your church is right, is sinful. This rigidness of the church is what Jesus attacked when confronted by the Pharisees and Sadducees. Only God has all the answers; that is why He wants us to come to Him as little children, to depend on Him and not ourselves.

As in the book “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott, we see a 3-dimensional man walking in a 2-dimensional world performing “miracles” to the 2D Flatlanders simply by taking advantage of his extra dimension. All three Persons of the Triune God, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, exist in a multi-dimensional realm. By taking advantage of countless dimensions, there are no limits or constraints to what God can do. If you don’t believe in miracles, then you simply have no concept of the possibilities beyond your extremely limited and constrained 3-dimensional world.

We read in the twentieth chapter of John about the interchange between Jesus and Thomas. One of the twelve, Thomas had seen and experienced a lot in his three years traveling with Jesus. A week after Jesus appeared to most of the disciples and after Thomas said that it would take the physical evidence of his own touch to believe that Jesus was alive again, we find a dramatic scene. Behind locked doors Thomas and others were surprised when Jesus walked into their mist and greeted them. Knowing what Thomas had said a week earlier, Jesus invited him to touch the hole in His side and believe. Verse 27, Jesus said to “stop doubting and believe”, and Thomas, now with his physical evidence, believed. Then in verse 29 we read the words of Jesus, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

[For more discussion on Miracles, please refer to the book, I Am, the Great Creator God by Haven D. Mankin. Information about the book and how to obtain a copy is available at: www.MuskratBooks.com]

Mystery is Good

Most people want to understand and be fully informed on all topics. It is good to be detailed and be sure of things that involve your life, but do you really want a God that can be fully understood? Wouldn’t that be the same as putting God in a box; that is, putting limits on God? Could a God that is limited to your limited understanding actually become your Savior & conquerer over the evils of Satan and over your moral & tragic sins? No! God is much greater than your understanding or even your imagination! So, why are there people who think they have “the God thing” all figured out? Haven’t you run across people who believe they have the answer to all the major issues surrounding God?

The Apostle Paul himself said that he knew in part, but one day he would fully know about God when he would come into His Glory. If it is okay for Paul to keep some things a mystery, then why is it not okay for you and me? Mystery is good; it shows that God is much bigger, much more grand & powerful than we could ever imagine. You’ve got to love a God like that!