What kind of people are these?

In Oklahoma, we have a bill before the legislature to have a horse slaughter industry. People on both sides of the debate say they love horses and its about caring for the horses. The debate is not what I am concerned about for this post.

Whether you like the idea of horse slaughter or not, this is America where in a democratic society a representative of the people can bring a bill forward for debate, and if more people are in favor of the bill than are against it…it passes…or the reverse will happen. Well, the author of this bill has been receiving threats via telephone, mail, and in social media. Let that thought sink-in for a moment. So-called caring persons, compassionate for the lives of horses, are now threatening the life of a human being. Does that makes sense to anyone? I’ll answer…NO, it doesn’t. It is twisted and ugly!

Our “social” media culture has in many ways become anti-social, ugly and twisted. The coarse language, the prevalent ugly hateful debate, and the speed that the poison travels is startling. What have we become? I believe that the more we remove Jesus, who taught us how to love one another, from our culture, the more selfish and hateful our society will become, soon laws won’t matter anymore and anarchy will prevail. The crazies will show compassion for an animal by calling for the killing of a person. What have we become?