Christianity Under Attack

A destructive virus has infiltrated America and it is growing rapidly. It is clothed in a well-meaning suit of tolerance. December 21, 2010, Armstrong Williams wrote a spot-on article entitled, “Secularists Assault on Christmas and Christianity”. America was started by people escaping the enslavement and control of the Church of England. They wanted to freely worship as Christians in the “New World”, a Christian world. Armstrong’s article starts out this way:

 “One of the most effective ways to overturn a culture is not to take it on directly, but to undermine it gradually. If you carry out a full-frontal assault on majority opinion, people become alarmed and fight back. But when you do it slowly, step-by-step, you can make your destruction look harmless… even reasonable.

 That’s exactly what’s happening in this country.

 For the past half century, there has been a slow but unrelenting attack on the Christian foundations of the United States. The evidence is beyond dispute.”

I am against any and all politics that places political agendas (Republican or Democrat) over my Orthodox Christian beliefs. We are seeing this takes today around the nation by shutting down the various “freedom of religion” laws, like the recent attacks on North Carolina. Forgetting politics; Christians are called to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves (Matt. 25:40). We are to take care of the innocent being brutalized by evil men (Luke 10:30-37). We are to devote ourselves to good works and be fruitful (Titus 3:14). These functions are not the role of government. And as much as we Christians are told to shut-up these days, we are to be witnesses to Jesus Christ over the whole world (Acts 1:8). This is what I strive to do; my books, articles, website, newspaper and blogs are only for this purpose.

We are Counter-Culture!

By now, everyone has heard of and probably taken a position on the Chick-fil-A v. gay marriage issue. Have you noticed that the attacks seem to be coming from only one side. Mr. Cathy is a private person and his business is a private business. As long as he follows the laws of the land, no one should be able to tell him what to do. Government should not be able to tell him when to be open for business and when to be closed. If you don’t like his personal opinion on a matter, don’t go to his establishment. Mr. Cathy simply spoke what his personal feelings were…something we have a right to do in this country…so far. Those demanding tolerance instantly became the most intolerant people on the planet.

Read Romans 12 again…to be a Christian is to be “counter-culture”! To be a Christian is to do and be what is pleasing to God, not to do what makes your neighbor happy! We are to love our persecutors and not wish them ill. The fact is simply this (like it or not) marriage is God-ordained and God-created, both physically and emotionally, to be between a man and a woman. The Bible tells us, “The two shall become one flesh.” As the Christian is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, he is to also pray for those who persecute him, as I am sure Mr. Cathy does. Those non-Christians wanting love seem to be the most hateful. I pray for you, as I also pray for the Christians going against the flow, against destructive raging current of a mighty out-of-control cultural river.