Be Thinking – Not Following

Are you surprised like I am that so many seem to puppet other people’s agendas? Rather than think for themselves, they seem to follow blindly the pack, like Lemmings, following the cow trail. Have you seen a cow trail? For such large bulky animals, their path is very narrow and tight; formed by one animal closely following the other…one after another…so many as to curve a rut in the earth. I am amazed how people, when faced with true facts (not spin), will stand firm on their made up erroneous platforms. Can we not be thinkers anymore? On most campuses of higher education, you are shouted down and sometimes expelled by having a different opinion from the masses, and yet these are the areas in our culture screaming diversity at the top of their lungs! I invite you to check out Thomas Sowell’s May 1, 2013 article entitled, “Is Thinking Obsolete?”.

I am pro-education…that’s “education”…not “indoctrination”. Shamed by “do it for the children”, we keep applying more and more tax-payer money to education and get poorer and poorer results. “Zero tolerance” is an excuse for not thinking; what are we telling our young people by this terrible example? We are producing more Lemmings! By non-thinking, we have allowed the suspression of speech by “political correctness”, which serves only to remove our “common sense”. So, is it any wonder why our government doesn’t work anymore? So, is it any wonder why we no longer have a “media watch-dog” anymore? Except for a few in the media, condemned by the mainstream, our media simply promotes the current indoctrination verse of the day.

In an environment such as this, is it any wonder why many are questioning the reality of Jesus Christ as Savior and King? Is it any wonder why our culture is more concerned over celebrating alternative lifestyles than it is protecting the unborn children? Be “A Different Kind of Tree”; be about Christian growth from “dry dead-wood” to a healthy strong caring benefical “tree” rooted in Christ. We need healthy growth in our world…though it takes more work, let’s be healthy thinkers and not simply followers of the dead-wood.