We are a Wonderful Organized Grand Design

The theory of evolution would have us believe that the world has been evolving for millions or billions of years. Moving from a beginning state of disorder and chaos and move toward a state of order, the perfect design of a human being. There is no way the marvelous machine we call the human body, this marvelous machine evolved over millions of years from some simple one-celled organism. The fighters in this old debate like to use complicated arguments in an effort to “out intellectualize” the other side; I invite you to shun these grand debates and just open your mind to simple clear truths which will point you to the right answer.

We’ve been looking at nature (the last 2 posts) to see God’s grand design; let’s turn to more scientific things that will also show it is important for lay people and Christians to have some exposure to scientific things. Your understanding and your faith will be strengthened when you add this science perspective. You will marvel and your life will be more whole when you get a more in-depth sense of God’s grand design.

For instance all you need to do is look at “cartilage” to see the commanding design of our Creator, and realize that evolution doesn’t exist. Evolution could never produce a “cartilage design” no matter how many millions of years you throw at it. The New England Journal of Medicine, October 6, 1994, page 940, addresses “hyaline articular cartilage”. Cartilage is the principal working part of the synovial joints; and in adults, it doesn’t contain any nerves or blood vessels. Active biochemically and structurally ordered, it is isolated from other body tissues and does not get nutrients in the same way. This amazing material was designed by God to last a lifetime, unless attacked externally by disease; it is an almost perfect material. It works well under load, is self-lubricating, is capable of self-renewal, and it is remarkably resilient. This long lasting gliding surface material has a coefficient of friction that is about 20% of ice on ice! With all the technological advancements we’ve made, we can’t duplicate such a material. Evolution created it? Do we have perfection coming out of the crazy primordial soup of the early oceans? No way! This material was, and continues to be, masterfully designed and created by God out of love.

Let’s spend a little more time to look at another element within the human body that easily supports my argument that God masterfully designed you and I. Evolution does not create individual species. It was 1953 when James D. Watson and Francis H.C. Crick discovered the helical double-stranded structure of DNA, a spiral staircase of life. This God designed structure is imaginative architecture, holding the elaborate messages of life, and it incorporates the ability to reproduce. The DNA double helix is similar to the design of a spiral staircase, made of phosphates, sugars and bases. It will unzip down the middle of the “steps” which are 2 bases; either adenine (A) and thymine (T) or guanine (G) and cytosine (C). The “A”s always link with “T”s, and “G”s always link with “C”s. Of the billions and billions of pairs in the human body, it is always A-T or G-C pairing, never an A-G, A-C, T-G or T-C…pretty well organized I would say! I wonder why there is so much order in a universe under the laws of entropy. There is massive room in a happenstance system which the theory of evolution depends upon; but with DNA we don’t see variations…they never seem to happen. The computing and the discussing of the complexity of DNA is way beyond this article; simply we just need to know that this perfect mathematical double helical structure is beautiful, amazing and certainly not happenstance.

We could discuss the wonderment of a hundred aspects of the human body, but what I would like you to get out of this limited presentation of information is to begin to realize and appreciate the absolutely amazing design of the human body. The human body is extremely well planned by the Master Architect, God, and most certainly has not come about by an evolutionary hit-and-miss process from the primordial seas of early creation or some earlier primate species. It was Stanley L. Miller, in 1952, which tried to recreate the early atmosphere where life was thought to begin. A simple experiment of adding electrical sparks to a laboratory blend of water vapor, ammonia, methane, and hydrogen was conducted to show how lightning could convert an early atmosphere to generate amino acids. How exciting is this? You throw some gas together, kick in a stray lightning bolt, and presto, a complex human being! As you can see, the facts scientists are discovering today point toward a wonderful grand design; it is not some crazy “Miller Experiment”.

[For more discussion on the wonder of God’s Creation, please refer to the book, I Am, the Great Creator God by Haven D. Mankin. Information about the book and how to obtain a copy is available at: http://www.MuskratBooks.com]