Yes, Mr. Todd, the Bible is the Word of God!

How appropriate for the day to be April Fools Day 2011. For the foolish TV show, “Hardball”, normally with Chris Matthews as host on MSNBC, that we would have Chuck Todd filling in as host. Mr. Todd’s foolish guest, Bobby Ghosh in commenting on the foolish actions of Rev. Terry Jones over a Qu’ran burning which has unfortunatly resulted in over 20 senseless deaths and 80 injuries, claimed that burning the Qu’ran was worse than burning the Bible. Ghosh’s foolish argument, agreed to by Todd, was that the Bible was written by man and the Qu’ran was written by God. Ghosh said that this “fact” was acknowledged by Christains. WRONG!

No, Mr. Ghosh and Mr. Todd, I am a Christian; I say and believe beyond a shadow of doubt that the Bible is in fact the Logos! The VERY sacred word of God! It is not just “the story of Jesus” as you are quoted as saying; it is about the eternal salvation of anyone that will turn to God and accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Just because the “real Christians” (not Christians in name only) are peaceful and don’t kill others over the burning of the Bible, does NOT make it any less painful than the Muslims being upset over the regrettable burning of “their book”.