Dream, Believe and Give Thanks

As an architect, I have a great imagination. I can dream the greatest of dreams. Yet, as much as I can imagine, God and His Kingdom are greater beyond all words. For you to think you have all the answers, and only your church is right, is sinful. This rigidness of the church is what Jesus attacked when confronted by the Pharisees and Sadducees. Only God has all the answers; that is why He wants us to come to Him as little children, to depend on Him and not ourselves. Scientists don’t have all the answers, never have. Theologians don’t have all the answers, and too, never have. And this is why you shouldn’t take sides, to lock yourself into one camp or another. First, you need know what it is you believe, study the Bible, and then if your hear false teachings you will be able to discern and grow in God’s Truth and not be tempted and tainted by false doctrine. False doctrine has been around throughout all history, twisted by the current culture; this is why orthodoxy is so critical. Each side, the scientist or the theologian, has something to gain from the other. The scientist will never find the answers they are looking for until they focus on Jesus Christ. And the theologian will be missing the great richness of God’s creation, reflecting on who the Creator is, until he looks closer at science, which will add and clarify the understanding of the oh-so-beautiful world around him. One of the goals of my book, I Am, the Great Creator God, is to bring a better understanding of each side to each side.

The scientist would say, “Show me proof that will pass my standards and testing, that God exists; it must fit within the established scientific method to be real to me”. My book shows the proof does indeed exists to those with the eyes to see. Sadly, many theologians out there would agree with those scientists as they go about looking for “their burning bush”…I must throw out a fleece before I will know for sure. The early Hebrews constantly longed for tangible signs of God’s presence. Furthermore, God’s presence was also easier to grasp if you believed that God was in a known place. Of old, it was thought that God is on Mount Sinai or God is in the Tabernacle or God is in the Ark of the Covenant.

Why not begin anew this day, a Day of Thanksgiving, to put aside your damaging agendas and open your mind and hearts to Jesus the Christ who has redeemed you by His blood, to show you real Truth, real Life, and the only way to Peace and salvation.  Do this and give REAL THANKS on this day!