What are we doing to our children?

May be you saw published in United Press International on July 17, 2011 where police in Midway, Ga. shut down a lemonade stand in the front yard of the home of 3 girls. Reason? Oh, the young girls didn’t have a business license, a peddler’s permit, and a food permit. The 3 girls wanted to go to a water park…can you say “heat wave” in the south? They weren’t stealing from their parents, but were working for the money! Who wouldn’t think that is a responsible lesson for these girls? You know they would have appreciated the value of the money having had to actually work for it instead of so many sticking a hand out to Mom and Dad.

At a time when our public schools give out condoms to minors without parental permission, when elementary kids are having oral sex on school buses, and when massive cheating rings are taking place with not only the students, but the teachers; I ask you, which lesson is teaching the kids the best most honorable thing to do? I pick selling lemonade! Can we simply ask for a little…just a little…common sense, please!