Asymmetry: The First Gift From God

Physicists are striving to find a Grand Unified Theory where all four forces in the Universe are one single simple beautiful physical law. Some would say that this, when discovered, would be the perfect law of the Universe, where everything is one with itself…the perfect symmetry. Balance. Many physicists today believe the Universe began in a state of perfect symmetry.

Perfect symmetry then is perfect order; if you move one object, even a fraction, you are out of balance. In a state of perfect symmetry, there is no time; any movement of time, even a millisecond, would alter the way things are from the way things were. It is important to understand this state of perfection, and to think of what could throw it off.

In the Universe, we know there are elementary particles that make-up all matter; and there are also antiparticles, exact opposites. When antiparticles meet their counterpart particle, they annihilate each other so everything is back into balance again. In a state of perfect symmetry of a so-called “nothingness”, all particles are matched with their own antiparticles; everything paired-up and in balance so there is nothing physical (having a measurable dimension) at all. Scientists will call these “virtual particle pairs”, also known as “quantum fluctuations” to which I frankly have a hard time understanding the term. As an architect, I prefer the particle-antiparticle symmetry form of understanding; I believe we are talking about the same thing.

Timothy Ferris says:

“Perfect symmetry may be beautiful, but it’s also sterile. Perfectly symmetrical space means nothingness. As soon as you introduce an object into that a space, you break the symmetry, creating a sense of location. There’s a place where the object is, and other places where it isn’t. And out of that comes tumbling all of the geometry of space as we know it.

 Perfectly symmetrical time means that nothing can happen. As soon as you have an event, then you break the symmetry, and time begins to flow in a given direction. We live in a Universe that’s full of objects and events, and that means that the Universe is imperfect, and that the symmetries within the Universe that we live in are broken.

 It may even be that we owe the vary origin of our Universe to the imperfection of the breaking of the absolute symmetry of absolute emptiness. There’s even a theory to this effect. It’s called vacuum genesis, and it suggests that the Universe began as a single particle arising from an absolute vacuum.” (“Creation of the Universe”, transcript p.17)

I believe Dr. Ferris is right on target in his first two paragraphs above; I can even go with most of his third paragraph. That’s pretty good considering the often-hostile disagreements we see between scientists and Christians. Let’s bring our focus into this third paragraph. Dr. Ferris is correct in saying the origin of the Universe is to break the absolute symmetry; after all as we said, with perfect symmetry you have nothing physical, so the symmetry must be broken somehow to have something. Those going along with this idea have given it the name “vacuum genesis”…a single particle started it all.

Wait a minute! By definition of perfect symmetry, you cannot have a lone particle! All the particles are paired up with their antiparticle; you have “nothing”…you can never have “something”. Yet, we know that today we indeed have “something”! Unless you are an ancient Gnostic believing that everything that is, is simply an illusion and unreal, we indeed have a physical reality. How can this be? We see as in the B.C. comic strip that we have vast differences in creation yet we have the common threads of the 4 physical laws, finite common elements, and male & female relationships between both mankind and animal.

If you start with “nothing”, some evolutionary process is never going to give you “something”…nothing from nothing is nothing! But again, we indeed have “something”, so the process must not be evolution, and we can’t say the Universe always has been here because we have agreed that we started with nothing. There are all kinds of made-up explanations for there to be a Universe; physicists will argue multiple Universes, anti-Universes or shadow Universes. Fundamentally, one will always find themselves back at the same point. What created the original asymmetry in order to have some reality? I can think of only one way that we can have physical reality, a physical creation; the perfect symmetry had to be tipped off balance. Now for the rhetorical question: Who could tip perfect symmetry off balance, or in other words, who could create asymmetry?

I believe that our first gift from God, before what we read in the Book of Genesis, where He separated light and darkness on that very first day, the first God gift is the gift of asymmetry. It could only be God to tip perfect symmetry off balance to move forward with His plan to build a Universe, a world, and then mankind for the sole-purpose and desire to be in relationship with His beloved. All that we see, whether right in front of our noses or through the largest telescope, was created as a loving gift for each and every one of us. What should our response be for such a wonderful gift?