Where is the truth and honor?

There has been a lot in the news lately of the Obama “sequester”. Many have shouted “doom & gloom” from the roof tops. There are already hard working people being laid off and families hurt for no reason. Why is that happening? Are we really that far out of control?

The both sides of government are irresponsibily spending $10 billion dollars PER DAY of money we don’t have! It is our children’s future we are spending and it is sinful to do so! We must get it under control or we will die as a nation! Back to this so-called sequester…the “Chicken Little – the sky is falling” is all about scaring people; there is NO truth and NO honor in it. If there are any cuts, they are only 2% of our overly wasteful spending…hardly enough to cause the problems being reported on the national news. In fact, most of the sequester are not even cuts at all, but are reductions in future growth. We will still be spending more this year than last. So, why is our government attacking all these fine hard-working people, alying off people for no reason and hurting families?

So the point of this blog post is what? The point is, we are a compassionate nation, but both sides of our leadership are hurting our citizens and we are being lied to by our mainstream media…we are a better nation than this! I ask again, where has truth and honor gone? Can we not expect to be better, to do the right thing, to have some honor, and not be so grossly selfish? We MUST look within and each individual seek to be “Different Kind of Trees” than the direction our culture is sliding.