A Day of Prayer – A life of Prayer

Congratulations to Texas Governor Rick Perry and the 30,000+ people who participated in Day of Prayer event called “The Response” at Reliant Stadium in Houston on August 6, 2011. They prayed for our country, the President and all the other leaders. This was a very good thing to do and follows the pattern set our country’s founding fathers. We Christians are called into a life of prayer, and it is obvious that this Day of Prayer was not “a campaign prop” as some critics have voiced about Governor Perry; this is a solid man of prayer. Secular critics, not wanting to simply be quiet since they dislike having this event, have heaped criticism by saying: 1) they “excluded non-Christian faiths”…hey, it was a Christian event! They don’t say those things about an Islamic event; and 2) they “blended politics and religion”…hey, our country was founded exactly that way, a blend of politics and religion! and 3) they “blurred the boundary between church and state”…hey, there is no such boundary and no such thing as “separation of church and state”. There is only an “establishment clause” that says the government shall not establish a church or religion. It is shameful that this false argument still gets some attention and reinforcement when it is absolutely a complete non-issue. Regardless of your particular religion membership we should all be about sharing our planet together, talk to each other with quiet integrity and honesty, and show a loving compassion to others. That is what I heard from Governor Perry’s Day of Prayer event called “The Response”; it should be all of our response as well. It is what we believe!