Jesus is LORD of the Dance

It is clear that there is much deception, false testimony and downright anarchy against honesty in all circles of our country these angry days.  I say, we all should be people of a loving integrity who celebrate the gifts of life! I’ve been blessed to have many of these types of people in my Sunday School Class at New Covenant Christian Church in Oklahoma City. John was one once blessing. John was a contractor who built roads and he had a dry sense of humor. He would poke fun of me because I was an architect. He was a neat and sometime irreverent guy who loved his family. He died too soon after a long illness. At his memorial service, Emily sang “Eagle’s Wings”; she broke up a few times and had trouble singing the song. The loss had cut her deep and the words of the song were not just words. The song had such meaning and the life she shared with her father, it was not “just a song” …a faith that breaks you up is a real faith indeed.

John loved to dance; so at his funeral they played the Sydney Carter song: “LORD of the Dance”. It was very moving! “Dance then where ever you be, I am the LORD of the Dance said he”.

Reject anger and hate, turn to honesty and gentleness…enjoy a life connected first to Jesus and then to family; you too will want to dance. Sadly, we find many these days wanting to stop The Dance! These angry misguided people have always been around, since the beginning. How blind they are! Pray they will turn around, find Christ and join The Dance.