What is Truth? Often it is NOT What the Majority Thinks and We See This Revealed All the Time!

The last 4 posts may have caused some readers to reject the real truth over their own agendas about the environment. It is hard for many to change long held beliefs, especially when the same erroneous ideas are held by so many non-thinking people.

I invite you to join me and stand up for truth instead of personal reward. Stand firm, the pressure to sell out can be great when you are out-numbered. Any dead fish can go with the flow; you do this and there will be hole where you lost that bit of your integrity. Strive for truth over all agendas.

My threefold advice is: 1) To study multiple sources and compare. 2) Pray and listen for God’s voice to open truths; remember you should be working off God’s agenda and not your own (do you seek God’s glory or your own?). This is hard to do because people want to do all the talking when praying; but be quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit. Lastly, 3) come at this in faith as a child and set your sights on the Father; your sole goal in life is to one day hear Jesus tell you, “well done My good and faithful servant”.

That’s it…simple. The search for truth should not be about winning a Pulitzer Prize, or winning a big grant, or the “publish or die” sickness, or receiving tenure, nor making money, or publishing a book. When looking for truth, you should beware of a person’s motive. You need to understand that it is natural for a person to decide on what they want to believe, and then try to support that their belief is actually true. Some are so desperate for position that they will stoop to falsely fabricate their proof. Sadly, I believe this sickness is extremely prevalent in academia and with the scientific community today. As for me and this book, my motive is not for any prize, and I don’t work for any college, company or government where a grant is useful to me. My only motive is to hear Jesus say “well done My good and faithful servant”; it is that plain and that simple.

Real Truth transcends my thoughts, your thoughts, and the thoughts of the so called experts; the Bible has much more depth than we could ever hope or think. Rene Descartes thought he was on to the truth when he developed his thought process saying that at any given time you could be dreaming, so you are never sure if you are awake or asleep. Descartes chose a system he called “Radical Doubt”, which simply says that anything could be doubted because you are never really sure of reality. He said that to test whether you are awake or asleep required using a test that you could dream up, and thus you were unsure of the situation before, during and after the test. This all sounds like Heisenberg’s “Uncertainty Principle”; which said that in particle physics, you can’t measure an elementary particle in order to know about its location and properties because in the act of taking a measurement you change it. You can’t be sure about your measurements and the data that you gathered. Consistent with this uncertainty principle, Descartes “radical doubt” meant that it was always possible that he was actually dreaming, therefore, he said you can’t depend on your senses. In addition, he was suspect of even the simplest math and logic; how would he know if God was gracious and good or evil? Knowing that he did in fact exist in reality, he thought there existed the “logical possibility” that his mind was being controlled by evil instead of goodness; how would he know which is which? Knowing that he was real and existed, Descartes came up with the famous assertion: “I think, therefore I am”.15

Truth is greater than the Roman Catholic Church,, greater any “Descartes thought or definition”, and greater than Martin Luther…please don’t confine God by setting His rules to fit your definitions. The Pharisees thought they knew it all, had all the answers; and how did Jesus speak to the Pharisees? They had the Messiah right in front of them and their own definitions and agendas blinded them and they temporally killed their long sought-after Savior.