The 23rd Psalm Speaks to us Today

Probably the most popular Psalm is the 23rd Psalm; a psalm of trust and confidence. This psalm obviously comes after Psalm 22 which reflects David’s anguish. There are many in anguish today! Besides those millions with evil intent, many have problems due to the idol worship of money, sex & fame in our culture, the governmental quest for power, the culture of materialism, and all the false leaders & teachers among us. There is only one way to find the correct path, though a narrow road it is, to find the peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

“The LORD is “my” shepherd”; He is your personal Savior who knows you before you were born. “He makes me lie down…He leads me besides still waters”; The LORD wishes you to rest and have peace, and will guide you there. “He leads in right paths”; the LORD will guide you to the destination that is good for you if you will just follow. “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil”; In Matthew 10:16, Jesus sends us sheep out among wolves. “…in the presence of my enemies”; Matthew 7:15 tells us that false prophets come in sheep’s clothing (to fit in with the herd)…they are indeed among us now. “…my cup overflows.”; with Christ Jesus you will find overflowing grace, more mercy, more goodness, more care than you can possibly handle! Why not invite Jesus into your life, repent and find the only way to peace?  Oh, you will still have problems existing in this world, but you WILL have mercy and forgiveness, which will provide for you a waterfall of peace!