Racial Problems…We need a New Vision, a New Direction

I try not to get too political in my posts, but as a Christian and caring for others, I can’t help but address the current pain I see in our culture. My position is coming from a position of love and caring for my neighbors.

I, like you probably, have been trouble by all the “new” racial strife we are seeing occurring in our country. Young men are dead because they didn’t follow police instructions…so needless! Also, needless was the resulting crime-after-crime and the destruction of innocent family businesses. This did not have to happen. Now we see the so-called reverend Al Sharpton stirring up chanting rallies screaming that they want “dead cops”. Really? So, you want anarchy? Oh, that will certainly make life much better for everyone, won’t it? The truth is, we do have a “black problem”, and I say it is with the black leadership. It is about those who hold the blacks back. It is about those who claim they are supporting our black brothern, but really they only apply chains [again] to the black ankles. We now have 90 million citizens on government handouts; this is killing our minorities in the name of “helping” them. Trillions have been spent since President Johnson claimed war on poverty, yet we have the same amount of poverty…why? Maybe these so-called helpful government programs are actually placing our citizens in a prison.

Do we really have a white-black problem, or do we have a black problem that black “race-baiting” leadership is fueling and government is aiding? In 2013 some 190+ whites killed blacks, but some 440+ whites were killed by blacks. Worse yet is the awful tragity that over 2,400 blacks were killed by blacks. What in the world are we doing?

I think we need new visions for how we can live together. The “new vision” is easily available and was established thousands of years ago…it is called The 10 Commandments! The 10 Commandments tell us how to live with one another, but it appears that large factions in our culture take every opportunity to have the 10 Commandments removed or as in Oklahoma City, destroyed by a car. Good black leadership, and there are some wonderful men and women leaders, are often suppressed by blacks and labeled as “sell-outs” to the white man. Former Congressman and retired Army Officer Allen West is one such leader. He writes the answer to our country’s problems in the following article, published this date on Townhall.com. I think you may like to read it, but sadly many may place it in the erroneous category of “conservative”…but “feel good” liberalism has produced no positive results so far…I contend, it is actually the main cause of our problems.

Well, I guess I have said what is on my heart…I will now continue in prayer for my black neighbors and our leadership and our country. There is so much anger and hate in the world these days…have we already forgotten the 141 murdered in Pakistan this week? I suggest we all look to the Christ child this Christmas for He is the Prince of Peace and our Savior! Blessings to you and your this Christmas.