What kind of person are you?

So many today shouting to keep quiet; they say, “keep it to yourself”. How can a Christian share the good news of Jesus Christ, the only Savior available to people, if the culture rebukes our smallest reference? In California today, it is becoming hard to have a private in-home Bible study. A person can publically share Hinduism or Islam, even in public schools, but not anything to do with Christianity.

I am reminded of Mark 10:46-52, where the crowd was telling Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, to keep quiet as he asked Jesus to have mercy on him. You see, this blind man knew that Jesus was the Messiah, as he called Him “Son of David”; he knew more than the establishment did. Jesus called for him and healed him, saying “your faith has healed you”.

Today, who are the blind among us, and who are the large crowd saying to be quiet? The blind, with heightened senses, often know more than those with physical sight. As a searcher, they know they need a Savior as they lay waiting for an opportunity to present itself. What kind of person are you? Are you a searcher, looking for a Savior? Are you one to help restore the blind [I am not referring to physical sight, but spiritual sight] or are you going along with the crowd, yelling to be quiet? What kind of person are you really?