A Child of the Sixties Compares with the Culture Today

In the sixties, we had parents too full of themselves to parent properly – just like today. In the sixties, we had bullies and hazing – just like today. In the sixties, we had classmates that would tease and do pranks on each other – just like today.

So, what is the difference between then and now? The situation is clearly shown in Marybeth Hicks’ article entitled, “A Sad True Story Shows Morality Lacking,” published March 22, 2012. It is a story about two young university freshmen roommates, one spied on his roommate and published a webcam video over the Internet of his roommate’s gay sexual encounter, which drove him to end his life by jumping off a bridge. The insensitive spy got 10 years in prison; a great way to begin a life wouldn’t you say? Every college campus these days should absolutely be considered rocky ground.

In the sixties, we had child suicides, drugs and drug overdoses – just like today. So, what is the difference between then and now? The answer is found in the sense that life has no meaning. Often we see children lacking a sense of life and death and what death actually is; many times believing there is no value in whether they exist or not, so who cares? Many children believe their parents don’t care; and with the breakdown of the nuclear family unit, many children feel on their own. The ease of getting in and out of marriage, the lack of penalty of failure, and the freedom many welcome for “alternative coupling” is destroying much more than is currently being realized. Future generations will be paying the price for a long time. Children coming out of this abyss lack sensitivity and self-esteem, which reveals itself in the extreme level of coarseness, brutality and selfishness we see today! It is indeed very rocky ground.

Now common language for adults and young children as young as a single digit in age (and even used on television commercials) is the use of the word “freaking” or “fricking.” You have to be totally unobservant not to know that the word “freaking” has become a socially acceptable replacement for the F-bomb! We see the wide-spread use of the WTF acronym for “what the f___.” Who are they kidding? Because it isn’t the actual word, it is okay? I don’t care; the word is a most ugly symbol. If you know how the symbolic word is intended, then it too has all the ugly coarseness of the original “hidden word.” Our speech makes a big difference in who we are.

But Haven, those of you old enough to know would say, in the sixties there was a lack of morality while coarseness and selfishness became the norm. Yes, true, but back then we knew there was a right and a wrong; we knew a decision had to be made to be bad or to be good, and the decision had nothing to do with “feelings.” There clearly was a line in the sand; we knew when it was crossed. We knew it was wrong to cuss. Oh, people used profanity, but it was not every day normal speech as we see today. It was consciously used by decision to be explosive and only used for impact. We talked politely to girls; never would we have talked so-called “boy talk” to a girl. Today, the “girl talk” is just as ugly and filthy as any gutter-mouthed boy.

If you wish to be a better person, you must gain our nourishment in more fertile ground…ground found in the Bible. There are indeed absolutes…absolute right and wrong. Decision-making is not relative to your own definitions; there are ramifications to our behavior. Our culture is becoming more rocky, and we know that a tree grows all twisted, dry and ugly in rocking ground.


Aren’t we living at a strange time? Maybe every generation has said this, but I wonder. We see worldwide celebrations of the birth of a new prince, yet we turn our backs on the thousands of aborted babies every day. Paradox! We go after young Zimmerman and throw gasoline on the fires of racial-hatred when there is no racial component in the case. Why? Do the emotional marchers have another agenda? They are not looking at the facts, so they must have other motives…but why all the hatred? These mis-guided marchers cry out about the unfortunate death of one young man, while ignoring the other hundreds of black on black deaths. The liberal programs have all but destroyed the black family; we should be crying out about a much bigger picture of destruction! Those crying for peace actually seem to dispose the most hate! Paradox!

We talk about diversity and allowing all to have their view points, but just propose a view point counter to the liberal masses and see the extreme hate that follows. Paradox! The ugly obscene posts on social media; the coarse language pouring out of unlearned mouths! These so-called loving people calling for the death of someone simply because they have a different point of view? What is going on in our culture now? Of course, they would say, “we don’t really mean it…it is just talk.” Oh, really? Just talk? No, it is mob rule and it is serious. Paradox! What you say is what is in your heart, plain and simple!

We must step back and look at where we are and where we are going. Reflect on your thoughts and your speech; are these acceptable in the sight of the LORD? Would you like the same words to rain down on you? Put your brain in gear before you open your mouth. Be alert yet be at peace. Show more love and less hate; this is something we all can do. Yes, I challenge you to become “A Different Kind of Tree”; sink your roots in more fertile soil.