Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his famous line, “judge a man by his character and not the color of his skin”. The blood in all our veins is red and all skin colors have bled for this country on the battle field. That makes us all brothers and sisters. The liberals and progressives among us like to divide us into groups, and then pit those groups against each other. We Christians are instructed to love our neighbors! There is no other qualifier. There is no statement about loving those who are like you; you are to love your neighbor no matter what. Your neighbor lives next door to you, resides in the next state, and across many borders. The Bible goes further to instruct us to love our enemies, so how can we possibly ignore an innocent neighbor!

In our land, every local school board and city council hold great debates on the qualification of a potential candidate and whether they are qualified to hold a seat at that table. Sadly, our country elected a completely unqualified man with no experience to be our president simply because of the color of his skin. Furthermore, the country elected him twice which is long enough to have the institutions of government start to fail. We now have the IRS, the EPA, the VA, the TSA, the CDC, the Department of Education, Homeland Security, the Senate, and the Secret Service all failing the citizens of this once great country.

As the Bible instructs us, we must pray for the leadership of this country, and I do; a country once the great hope of the world for peace and goodness…a compassionate country willing to help our neighbors across the great seas…a generous country that gives to others more than any other. The hostilities and warring madness of the Middle East and Africa, breaking God’s commandment of “Thou shall not murder”, are a despicable evil impacting the innocent of the world. Who can stop them now? Our military has been decimated by our own lack of common sense, most of the good commanders have been fired by mis-guided leadership, and the country has lost its faith and heart. As the famous quote goes, “for evil to flourish, good people must do nothing”. Who is going to stand up for our neighbors now?

Guns are not the problem, it is the heart that is!

What have we learned from Newtown’s tragedy? …and from the many other attacks such as the recent attacks on volunteer firemen and police officers that put their lives on the line for us? Many have learned nothing! NOTHING!! We currently have the diversional debate of gun control which will only bring much more death! The national media doesn’t have a clue or they simply chose to ignore the facts. Most of all the school shootings have been in gun free zones while so-called assault rifles were banned. In 2011, rifles accounted for less deaths than hands & feet! Worldwide and in the USA, the facts are that murders actually rise when guns are removed from law abiding citzens; the proof is available, look beyond emotions for truth. Don’t you fall for the trap of gun control; it is NOT about guns but about control over the people. The whole mess is a diversion over the real problem; it is a problem of the heart. Why would all these evil people (yes, I said evil people) why would they take innocent lives and then kill themselves? Why not just go kill themselves if they hate this world so much? They don’t kill themselves over their remorse for killing the innocent…they have no remorse! Their hearts are hardened. Satan drives hate and creates evil; it is the evil within that kills the innocent. These killers have only hate and their easiest mark is upon the innocent. It is a darkness over the land. Hitler took out the churches, removed the guns, and then took over the people in mindless hate. I fear we are on the same path! We are busy to bring down the Christian, to remove our only Savior Jesus Christ, to remove the law-abiding guns to protect us from evil man and government, and then to teach all to hate various societial groups in a stew of class-envy. It is all sinful and very ugly! We will be doomed if we don’t turn back to Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life and the Light of the world! At Christmas time we should be about welcoming the Chist child who came into the world as Savior to show us the way back to God; He, a sinless man, who took our sins and made them His own that we might become righteaous to come back to God. Any deviation from this very path is THE REAL PROBLEM.

Young people – death is real, it is not a video game!

Dear Lord please comfort those hurt and suffering loss in Colorado this day! 14 innocent have been killed and many hurt while attending the new Batman movie! The youthful killer, decked out in body-armor like in some violent movie, acted for 20 minutes dropping tear gas and shooting the innocent, like he was racking up points in some bloody video game. To blend in, it started during a shooting scene in the movie. At first attendees thought it was part of the show…they expected the violence…but certainly not all real…and this was VERY REAL! Life and death is real; this is not some electronic game…push a few buttons and it is over! Memories of these events are NEVER over! Murdered people have families that love them and have dreams for thier lives. What are we becoming as a society? The ugly insane coarseness of our language! The sloppy way of dressing! The destruction of the body through piercings, tatoos, huffing, and drugs! Violent music! Violent video games! The ugly actions of  6 to 30 year olds upon their peers! The bullying! It is all related together! With the break down of the family, our morals, our integrity, our honesty, we have created generations crusted-over with a shell of deadness! …all the while, our society continues its work to remove God at break-neck speed! Oh, and it will break us alright…is that what you want? Pray and work to change our direction for the sake of the children…and my grandchildren!