Inclusiveness and Diversity, not always a good thing

The buzz words for today are inclusiveness and diversity. I am all for it on one condition. If we have the same goal in mind, let’s all come together. There is indeed a problem…we are far from having the same goals.

In the Bible’s Old Testament, over and over again, the Hebrews fell into sin by adopting the local culture’s ways. When in Canaan, do as the Canaanites do…right? Wrong! The Hebrews started worshipping the Baal gods; archeologists have unearthed a single alter dedicated to both a fertility god and Yahweh. What were they thinking? If one is good, two are better? The Old Testament is full of examples where inclusiveness and diversity went against the will of God. Obviously, there was no common goal in these examples.

There are of course many groupings we could identify where there could be common goals, thus a great desire for inclusiveness and diversity. We see this in the world’s hate groups. We see this in those wanting dictator governments to control the citizens by pressure. We see this in those who have compassion and want peace.

We should not see this in our relationship to God.

Peter’s vision of the sheet full of birds and animals coming down from heaven was explained in Acts 10:28, as the Jews believed the Gentiles were profane and unclean; but now God intended to make His family, His chosen people [the Jews] into a larger group by bringing in the Gentiles. Here we see inclusiveness and diversity the correct way where there is a common goal…the common goal of belief in Christ Jesus. I want all peoples, black, red, white, men, women and children from all the religions of the world to come together in the LORD Jesus Christ…that is my prayer for inclusiveness and diversity…everyone come to the LORD Jesus! He died and rose again for you; can you receive Him as LORD?