Drunkeness is Arrogance

In 1968 I was attending Harding High School. I had a very fast car, a 1964 Ford Galaxy 500XL with a 427 engine, headers, Hurst 4-speed, and a gigantic honking 4-barrel carburetor sucking a gallon of 25 cent gasoline every seven miles. It was awesome! Everyone wanted to ride in my car. I was far from the most popular guy in school. I was a jock; I had earned the highly prized O-Club letterman’s jacket, I was a C-student, and I had my car…”the car”! Those days were filled with me trying to get a date, trying to move up in the social cliques, and drinking heavily. Drinking heavily…listen my friends…drinking heavily is now and was back then a major disaster! Still today I hear guys say, hey, let’s go out and get drunk. Friends, I’ve been there and done that…let me tell you the truth, there is nothing worse! You lose control, make a fool of yourself, break physical things and you break personal relationships. But, most of all, you hurt the ones that love you. To get drunk is an extremely selfish act. One night can ruin your whole life; it just isn’t worth it. How many parents have to bury a child from such reckless behavior? How many drunk drivers do we have to have killing our loved ones before we all wake up? Changing the societal laws is not going to work; the only thing that will work is the changing of one’s heart. This is why I wrote the book, “A Different Kind of Tree”; you must get your roots better nourishment if your tree is going to bear good fruit.

It took me awhile to learn this truth about alcohol; oh, how the lessons are so extremely costly! I hurt people, not physically, but the ones who loved me. That I survived is a miracle. As I look back, it is all just so stupid!

Selfishness is blinding. Hurting people when you are so into yourself is simply a non-issue; you don’t see it and you don’t think about it. You are blind to the impact you have on those that care for you. The hurt you thrust upon others doesn’t exist, at least to you that is. Your actions are ugly and arrogant! Selfishness leads you to believe that you are the only person that matters, the only person with “that” particular problem (fill in the blank with the name of any problem), and furthermore, you think nobody in the world knows what you are going through. You think you are “one of a kind”. Your actions are a kind of a reverse arrogance; everyone in the world is doing great but you. You lash out against those who love you because you are selfish! Your roots are in rocky ground, as mine were back in those early days. I have changed for the better by changing my nourishment! No, I am not talking about the food you take through your mouth, but the food of the heart, the food of the soul. This is what you need to change for the better.