Be like Joseph!

Joseph of the Bible’s Genesis stories had an interesting life; his brothers hated him and tried to kill him. He was sold into slavery. But over and over again the story tells us that God was with him; many might question, where is God in this? Joseph kept going, succeeding at every level; but problems still followed him. Falsely accussed of attempted rape by a jilted high-powered woman, he was wrongly thrown into prison. Prison, where he now had more chances to succeed, which he did. Forgotten by an exiting jailmate, he remained in prison where he continued to do the Lord’s work, not sitting around in self-pity. Joseph got out of prison by following the Lord’s Spirit and succeeded even greater, always keeping his eye on God and doing the right thing regardless of the possibile negitive outcomes when dealing with “the world”.

So what’s in this story for us? We would ALL do well to keep our eye upon Jesus Christ, do His will (not our own), and not worry about what the world thinks of us Christians. Put the Lord first and everything else (be it good or bad) will fall into proper alignment. Just because you follow Christ doesn’t mena your life will be easy; Jesus told us the world would hate us for what we believe (John 17), so don’t worry! Be of good cheer! If you are a Christian, you are a child of God…it doesn’t get any better than that! Blessings to you!

What I got out of the Royal Wedding

I was NOT wrapped up in all the trappings of the Royal Wedding. It just seemed like a bunch of gossipping to me. But I awoke on that Friday morning with all the airwaves filled with TV coverage, and lo what did I see? I saw smiles, happiness and excitement. I saw a nation pull together for a singular event. I saw pride, laughter and merriment. People, lots of people, calmly wishing to be close; to be close enough to actually be a participant in the event. They were seeking to be included in something worthwhile and much bigger than themselves. I saw a world interested in something positive and happy…something good, instead of being a world we see in the news as being so hateful and ugly! The world was groaning and now is on fire; we need something beautiful and refreshing to put out those flames!