The Price of Admission has Already Been Paid

Thousands of years ago there were people who bought into all kinds of heresies. People are doing the very same today. Four such heresies are: 1) Pantheism (pan=all and theo=God) the view that God is identical with everything that exists; God is not distinct in the universe. 2) Pelagianism  the view that humanity is basically good and morally unaffected by sin; therefore, no sin and no need for salvation. 3) Hedonism – the view that we should eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. 4) Humanism – the view that humans are the center of everything, so there is no room for a divine being, we just need to be good to one another.

Friends, we have thousands of years of truth to show us that people cannot save themselves. The Pelagian would say, I don’t need saving. The Humanist would say, I’ve been a good person. The Hedonist would say this life is all there is, so “saved from what?”

God has redeemed all of humanity by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross; the price has been paid. This, however, is not salvation. Jesus stands at the door knocking, so the question then becomes…will you let Him in and make Him LORD of your life? This is the reconciliation of humanity back to God. Of course, you don’t need reconciliation if you are not alienated from God, but we read in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Of course, our Pelagian followers will not believe this point…to their destruction. Our Pantheist and Humanist followers will not believe in a Divine Creator Savior because they think God is only in their mind and in the created “things” they see and touch…this too will be to their destruction.

We Christians have a job to do and we have been falling down on the job; we MUST proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Christ to the world for in Christ Jesus all peoples can and will find grace, mercy and forgiveness! Please, won’t you open the door and let Christ come into your life? …the price of admission into the family of God has already been paid!

Who is Going to Throw the First Stone?

Have you ever wondered if there were some hidden political motives by some group when it appears that all of a sudden there are massive sets of attack articles on a given topic? I mean, we could go years with not a peep, and then day after day, articles on some genned-up topic. Case in point, the current daily stories about the NFL and spouse abuse or child abuse. The fact that the NFL’s rate of these un-excusable practices is much lower than what we see in our culture makes no difference. It is blood in the water attracting the sharks. It seems to me that people simply love to distract from what they are doing in order to go “hang” someone else. The fact that our country seems to find joy in the destruction of someone’s life is absolutely sinful. A whistleblower stating our US State Department has been doing criminal acts and messing around with underage prostitutes gets attacked inspite of 18 congressional acts to protect whistleblowers. Why are these stories being ignored and the NFL is the current target zero? While I don’t condone the things that are being accused of the NFL players, I say, let those who have not ever sinned throw the first stone (John 8:7). Who hasn’t let a word slip like Paula Dean? Martha Stewart is sent to prison for doing what is lawful for Congress to do. I believe in spanking and discipline, but never ever with anything in your hand, and never more than just one light time. I believe a man should never ever hit a woman, no matter what she does; but is that a reason to destroy a man’s life and force the owners of teams to sell their teams because of the actions of others? Our country is sinking fast into the cut-throat abyss…a deep canyon of chaos where there is no escape.

The more people “pile-on”, the heavier the weight will become that will eventually sink us as a compassionate nation, one of only a few left in the world. Can we not deal with bad actions on a local basis and nationally promote the good actions of people? I know, I have heard the lame excuse that good news doesn’t sell, well that just reflects our true materialistic sickness…we might as well continue our awful and easier tendency to throw a bloody lamb to the wolves and watch the fight!

How about the story of the Texas man who paid Chick-Fil-A a $1,000 for 88 customers behind him? How about the NFL’s 5 year veteran, David Nelson assisting Haiti in its recovery from a 2010 earthquake? We don’t hear of Nelson’s tearful reaction to a boy’s request, released from being trapped in some ruins, to simply be held. Or, Nelson and his brother adopting 9 Haitian kids, previously on the verge of death.

Yes, we should hold the bar as high as reasonable to promote goodness and be good examples to others. We must also practice and promote what Colossians 3 tells us to do; from the NIV,; and be more forgiving. As we are and have been forgiven, which is an un-measurable amount by the way, so too we should also forgive. Set your minds on heavenly things and strive for goodness and peace.