Foundation Repair Needed…Fast!

My book, A Different Kind of Tree, is about growing from sinner to a child of God. Using the metaphor of a tree, it is about bearing good fruit or bad fruit.

A simple look at our culture now reflects a lot of bad fruit! The violently expressed hate filling social media over simple things of no consequence seems so out of balance. Where is that energy coming from? Why is hate so forcefully being expressed these days? The coarseness of our language, the violence cast upon the innocent, the lack of integrity of our leaders, the lack of balance from our media and schools, and the general disrespect for the rule of law by our citizens…all points to a fallen nation…bad fruit.

We have taken away and turned our backs on the foundation of our nation. What happens to a building which develops a broken foundation? It falls apart! We must return to our founding structure, and re-instate the 10 Commandments…even if you reject the first 5, the second half tells us how to live with one another…REALLY, that has to be to our benefit!