Every morning I would open the garage door and there he was, that black cat! I knew he had my number for he was Satan himself! Yes, Satan in a black fur coat; no horns, just those pointed ears and those eyes. I swear I could see fire in the narrow slit eyes, calling me by name. You don’t believe me do you? That the cat was actually Satan himself, I mean. Well, everybody told me it was true, so it had to be true, everybody said so. The neighbors all agreed and repeated the mantra year after year after year; I knew it had to be true! Based on this truth that Satan was the cat, I decided to live my life knowing that every morning that black furry Satan would visit me. There was absolutely no doubt about it. He was indeed Satan himself!

How many times have you run into people with strange ideas and wonder how could they possibly believe that way? It happens all the time, especially with politics and religion. People simply will buy into the craziest notions, maybe because they want to, maybe due to a pervasive charismatic leader. I used to work with a person who firmly believed and was extremely critical that Republicans were for massive big government when it is actually a proven fact that the opposite party, her party, is the one promoting that direction. How did she get so far off the mark? Who does she listen to?

The “unwilling to think, non-listening, all about agendas…screw the truth” types simply will say anything they want to, distorting the truth, and their sick followers come along lapping up the poisoned milk. Oh, speaking of lapping up milk, that black cat, remember “the Satan cat”…it is just a story to prove a point we all know is true. Say something often enough however and it then becomes the truth no matter how false it truly is. Can I really be certain that the cat is not Satan after all? What if…?

The truth is, Jesus the Christ was a faithful Jew who had a habit of attending Synagogue and reading Scripture. I have no doubt that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that we are to follow Him. Nothing else in all of recorded history has been so scrutinized, researched and proven by physical discovery than this fact. Many Jews, after 2,000 years, are still looking for the Messiah and will disagree with me, thinking that I am wrong. That is okay; firm in my faith, as a Christian, I support my Jewish brothers and sisters; and I pray that one day the vale will be lifted and we will all be one Family of God. The theologically blind don’t know they are blind, as a fish doesn’t know it is in water.