Where is America going? Answer, down the road to destruction I fear!

We have a vile ugly movie making the top box office position for the last 3 weeks, “Straight Outta Compton”. Our common speech is peppered with profanity, the degradation of women, and anarchy. We have the “Black Lives Matter” group hatefully protesting politicians achieving little impact, all the while tax payer funded Planned Parenthood is murdering tens of thousands of black babies every year and few raise an eyebrow. Many will scribe to the false notion that a baby in the womb is not alive; friends there is only one difference between the baby in the womb and you and me…the air going in and out of our lungs! All other body systems are functioning as if the baby was out of the womb. If the baby is nothing more than a fetus as some will believe, then how come a person who kills a pregnant woman gets charged with two murders?

Farrakhan calls for killing police officers and white people (he should re-read Romans 1:29-31), congregations cheer him on, and nobody lifts a finger to say this is wrong. Where are the real Christian ministers to stand up and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Are we afraid the culture won’t sit in our pews and that they won’t like us? Newsflash…the culture already doesn’t like us! Why are some churches embracing gay marriage which goes straight against God’s Marriage Covenant ordained with the every first man and woman? Shall we ignore God’s Truth in order to be inclusive? I say we can hold to Biblical Truth and love the sinners…it is what Jesus did.

With 46 Bible verses stating adultery is a sin, we have websites that celebrate adultery, an entertainment industry full of it, and a past adulterous president making millions in speaking engagements. I know adultery has been around since dirt, but I wouldn’t wake across the street with a free ticket to hear him speak.

Where have morals gone? Where has our integrity gone? Where has our sense of right and wrong gone?

We are kicking God out of America as fast as we can, and replacing Him with diversity and relativism, which destroys a once solid foundation. Universities are not about freedom of thought to explore and think; they are now indoctrination centers. Some universities will actually fail a person for using the most appropriate word for a law breaker, illegal, as the indoctrination center’s PC police are forcing their word “undocumented” down a student’s throat. Tax payer funded “Teach for America” is now promoting destructive anti-police protest in the streets of our cities, which can only lead toward anarchy.

It is impossible to have a nation of 300 million people and demand and force conduct so to not offend a single person. This is a setup for government control of the people. The most evil dictators in history all slowly worked to achieve ultimate control over the people or they simply killed off the millions they didn’t like.

Wake up and ask, where is America going? I fear it is the wide and crowded road to destruction. For me and my family, we will enter through the narrow gate; it is the only way to peace and salvation. Dr. Ben Carson said it right, “The heart of the matter is the heart, the heart and soul of people.” For me, not every step is perfect but I will l at least try…let’s start off by reading 1 Peter 3 8-14…pray and show love.

Racial Problems…We need a New Vision, a New Direction

I try not to get too political in my posts, but as a Christian and caring for others, I can’t help but address the current pain I see in our culture. My position is coming from a position of love and caring for my neighbors.

I, like you probably, have been trouble by all the “new” racial strife we are seeing occurring in our country. Young men are dead because they didn’t follow police instructions…so needless! Also, needless was the resulting crime-after-crime and the destruction of innocent family businesses. This did not have to happen. Now we see the so-called reverend Al Sharpton stirring up chanting rallies screaming that they want “dead cops”. Really? So, you want anarchy? Oh, that will certainly make life much better for everyone, won’t it? The truth is, we do have a “black problem”, and I say it is with the black leadership. It is about those who hold the blacks back. It is about those who claim they are supporting our black brothern, but really they only apply chains [again] to the black ankles. We now have 90 million citizens on government handouts; this is killing our minorities in the name of “helping” them. Trillions have been spent since President Johnson claimed war on poverty, yet we have the same amount of poverty…why? Maybe these so-called helpful government programs are actually placing our citizens in a prison.

Do we really have a white-black problem, or do we have a black problem that black “race-baiting” leadership is fueling and government is aiding? In 2013 some 190+ whites killed blacks, but some 440+ whites were killed by blacks. Worse yet is the awful tragity that over 2,400 blacks were killed by blacks. What in the world are we doing?

I think we need new visions for how we can live together. The “new vision” is easily available and was established thousands of years ago…it is called The 10 Commandments! The 10 Commandments tell us how to live with one another, but it appears that large factions in our culture take every opportunity to have the 10 Commandments removed or as in Oklahoma City, destroyed by a car. Good black leadership, and there are some wonderful men and women leaders, are often suppressed by blacks and labeled as “sell-outs” to the white man. Former Congressman and retired Army Officer Allen West is one such leader. He writes the answer to our country’s problems in the following article, published this date on Townhall.com. I think you may like to read it, but sadly many may place it in the erroneous category of “conservative”…but “feel good” liberalism has produced no positive results so far…I contend, it is actually the main cause of our problems.

Well, I guess I have said what is on my heart…I will now continue in prayer for my black neighbors and our leadership and our country. There is so much anger and hate in the world these days…have we already forgotten the 141 murdered in Pakistan this week? I suggest we all look to the Christ child this Christmas for He is the Prince of Peace and our Savior! Blessings to you and your this Christmas.

World Views: Is Orthodox Christianity Important?

You have heard about the “canon of the Bible”, but what does that mean?  You have heard people put down Christianity as being based on made-up fiction formulated to strike false doctrine onto others. We Christians hold that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, divinely breathed upon authors by the Holy Spirit. Thus the term “canon” is used to describe those divinely inspired books, which belong in the Bible, and have held up to scholarly review for many centuries. Jewish Rabbis and Hebrew scholars first conducted this review process. But the main energy in the review of these early writings came directly from the Triune God, revealed by Jesus Christ and directed by the Holy Spirit. The Old Testament was fairly firm early in the process; Hebrew scholars had been using the Torah for centuries and had long believed God’s prophets and accepted their writings as being inspired words. The only issue that remained was the “Apocrypha”, where a majority of Hebrew scholars thought the collection to be good religious documents, but not on the same level as the Hebrew Scriptures.  Considering the New Testament and the work of the Apostles, Mark was probably the first Gospel written. This, along with a collection of the sayings of Jesus Christ known as “Q” (a German word for Quelle, meaning “source”), was the basis for Luke’s Gospel, and probably Matthew’s and John’s as well.  Paul considered Luke’s writings and Peter recognized Paul’s work, so there was a great deal of continuity in the New Testament.

Also, the discovery of scrolls and thousands of scroll fragments recovered in the Qumran area, an extremely large collection of Jewish documents, has supported the accuracy of the early Old Testament writings. These documents date back to the third century BC, and are written in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Among these documents are the “Dead Sea Scrolls” which are all of the books of the Bible except Esther. Many councils, such as the Council of Laodicea (363 AD), the Council of Hippo (393 AD), and the Council of Carthage (397 AD), followed affirming the same 27 books are authoritative scripture.  Questions asked were: 1) Was the author an apostle or closely associated with an apostle? 2) Was the book consistent with Christian doctrine and orthodox teaching? And, 3) Did the book put forward high moral and spiritual values consistent with the instruction from Jesus? As stated above, the Bible is God inspired and written by directing men driven by the Holy Spirit; therefore, it can be said that it was God that selected what was to be the Biblical Canon. I would never be so bold to claim to be an expert in the Bible, though I have taught adult Biblical Scripture Classes for over 35 years, anyone who has studied the Bible for any length of time has surely noticed how it all fits together cover to cover inspite of the many authors over centuries.

The Orthodox believer holds on to a theological knowledge based upon God’s Revelation. This Revelation is presented to the world through the written words in Scripture and through what is known as “The Apostolic Tradition”. Christ passed on in Pentecost the power for the apostles to do great things in the name of Christ. Jesus passed on “The Great Commission” for the apostles to go throughout the world and affirm the foundational Christian Truths as clearly taught in the Bible:

  1.  That the Triune God is three distinct persons in one God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The True Deity and True Humanity of Jesus Christ.
  3. The physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
  4. Salvation of the believer by grace alone, through faith in Christ Jesus our LORD and Savior.
  5. The atonement of Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins of a sinner.
  6. The physical return of Christ to earth at the end of time to judge the wicked and reward the righteous.

Any Christian group that would alter or distort one or more of these orthodox beliefs would be considered an aberrant group. To push the issue farther, theologically, a cult is any deviation from orthodoxy, or denial or outright rejection of one or more of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Not to be confused with a “cult”, the “occult” deals directly with demonic forces; this awful practice has been engaged in throughout all history. Nothing good can come out of it. I once heard a woman on the radio, critical of churches, saying that they needed to change with the culture; this is the exact opposite of what an Orthodox Christian Church should do! Adapting to the culture only creates aberrant and cult groups; Jesus did not do nor did He teach that we should adapt to the culture.  Deviations take all forms with some being very minor; groups normally must pull verse out of context and twist it around (give it new meanings) to create their own new theology.  One notable group, that produced “The Jesus Seminar”, goes so far as to uphold that Jesus’ ministry had nothing to do with salvation nor that Jesus viewed Himself as Messiah or the Son of God. Pretty darn blatant when you consider the New Testament is extremely clear that Jesus in fact knew Himself as Messiah and what His role in the salvation of humanity was to be.

Today, the aberrant churches are growing and the orthodox Christian churches are struggling and are under persecution.  We must not change to suit the culture or we risk losing our way.  In the first century, lions ate many Christians; today we are nibbled to death by political correctness.

[For more discussion on Orthodox Christianity, please refer to the book, I Am, the Great Creator God by Haven D. Mankin. Information about the book and how to obtain a copy is available at: http://www.MuskratBooks.com]

What kind of people are these?

In Oklahoma, we have a bill before the legislature to have a horse slaughter industry. People on both sides of the debate say they love horses and its about caring for the horses. The debate is not what I am concerned about for this post.

Whether you like the idea of horse slaughter or not, this is America where in a democratic society a representative of the people can bring a bill forward for debate, and if more people are in favor of the bill than are against it…it passes…or the reverse will happen. Well, the author of this bill has been receiving threats via telephone, mail, and in social media. Let that thought sink-in for a moment. So-called caring persons, compassionate for the lives of horses, are now threatening the life of a human being. Does that makes sense to anyone? I’ll answer…NO, it doesn’t. It is twisted and ugly!

Our “social” media culture has in many ways become anti-social, ugly and twisted. The coarse language, the prevalent ugly hateful debate, and the speed that the poison travels is startling. What have we become? I believe that the more we remove Jesus, who taught us how to love one another, from our culture, the more selfish and hateful our society will become, soon laws won’t matter anymore and anarchy will prevail. The crazies will show compassion for an animal by calling for the killing of a person. What have we become?

It is a growth story, a life-changing story!

I have a growth story; it is a “changing” story, from selfish sinner to a child of God. It could also be a pathway for you as well  as you struggle through the obstacles of life to come to know the One that has already given you a precious gift if you will but receive Him in your heart. Only the peace of God that passes all understanding can remove your obstacles; this is done by changing your heart and mind in Christ (Philippians 4:7).

Many criticize the church for not being like the culture; that it is “behind the times”. That’s the point, the church is NOT supposed to be like the culture. The culture is corrupt and doomed! How can a doomed institution save you from doom? The more you fight against Jesus, reject God and worship at the altar of “earthly stuff god”, the more you will desire and strive for what the world is selling, and the more obstacles will be in your path and in your life. There is a better way, a way different from the culture. Turn to your only Savior Jesus Christ and become “A Different Kind of Tree”.

We are Counter-Culture!

By now, everyone has heard of and probably taken a position on the Chick-fil-A v. gay marriage issue. Have you noticed that the attacks seem to be coming from only one side. Mr. Cathy is a private person and his business is a private business. As long as he follows the laws of the land, no one should be able to tell him what to do. Government should not be able to tell him when to be open for business and when to be closed. If you don’t like his personal opinion on a matter, don’t go to his establishment. Mr. Cathy simply spoke what his personal feelings were…something we have a right to do in this country…so far. Those demanding tolerance instantly became the most intolerant people on the planet.

Read Romans 12 again…to be a Christian is to be “counter-culture”! To be a Christian is to do and be what is pleasing to God, not to do what makes your neighbor happy! We are to love our persecutors and not wish them ill. The fact is simply this (like it or not) marriage is God-ordained and God-created, both physically and emotionally, to be between a man and a woman. The Bible tells us, “The two shall become one flesh.” As the Christian is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, he is to also pray for those who persecute him, as I am sure Mr. Cathy does. Those non-Christians wanting love seem to be the most hateful. I pray for you, as I also pray for the Christians going against the flow, against destructive raging current of a mighty out-of-control cultural river.