Christian Persecution – Part 2

We left Part 1 saying that the persecution was coming to America, in fact, it was already here. Yes, it is here, although no one is putting a gun against your temple yet, but it is persecution all the same.

Harvard University was created to be a seminary, training the nations pastors, but the school has lost its way and following Satan now. In a May 10, 2016, Washington Times article, a Harvard Law professor calls Christians Nazis and wishes they just go away. He says that since Christians have lost the “culture wars”, that it is time to deal with the losers.

Why is it that liberals like to say that THEY are the ones that believe in tolerance? I fully believe that it is actually the other way around…it is the conservatives that are the most tolerant and believe in the people, all people, rather than making big government bigger all the while taking our freedoms away. Yes, it is sad but true, we Christians have indeed lost the “culture wars” of unlimited abortions, redefinition of marriage, and lately, the transgender bathroom policies for the nation.

A private company is no longer allowed to refuse service if that service were to go against their beliefs; government now forces a private company to produce regardless of their own private beliefs. No longer can we just let the market place run on its own; we have the government telling us what we shall do or risk huge fines. The same goes for our churches as the government now listens for any sermon THEY feel is out of policy with the government.

The Harvard Law Professor (while teaching our children his hate) wants to treat Christians like Nazi…maybe he should look into the mirror, along with his liberal buddies, to see that it is THEY that are turning America into Nazi Germany of the late 1930’s. First, persecution of the Jews, now some 80 years later, it is the persecution of the Christians. Part 3 coming up.