God Creates Still…What will you notice in 2013?

Yes, it is true…many don’t believe in God, many more don’t believe in Jesus Christ. They work to condemn those that DO believe; what is in it for them to do so? Do their attacks on Christianity make the world a better place? No! Why not keep quiet and let those of us “who falsely believe” (their words not mine) just keep going in the wrong direction? Is there something about Jesus Lord and Savior that scares them? Yes, I think so! If God is dead, they should not be afraid, but those “anti-God, anti-Jesus” zealots ARE indeed afraid of something! The heavens and earth cry out the good news of the Great Creator God, you only need eyes to see (Ps. 19:1 and Romans 1:18-20). God, the Great I Am, is active in the world today…will you notice His activity in 2013? You must believe that you are loved (John 3:16-18)! The Holy Spirit will make your burdens light, just believe in Jesus; a firm belief in this promise will change your 2013, why not start today on this first day of the new year? Change your direction, open your eyes and your heart, and let The Creator into your life today!