Reflecting on Chaos – Part 2

What is chaos? One Webster definition is that chaos is “a state of utter confusion.” In the United States, we are living in a state of utter confusion. With some 300 million people in the United States, driven by “extreme multi-culturalism,” and “political correctness”, we have constructed a country whereby not one single person can be offended. This is an impossible confusing construct that can not survive; it tears itself apart. A recent example, one of hundreds, in Fort Collins Colorado, a school cancelled a United States Day celebration for our own citizens because school administrators thought people not of the U.S. would be offended. This type of confusion is also re-structuring and redefining our country’s foundational principles that have allowed this country to be a great force of goodness in the world. As we descend into a deeper and deeper chaotic abyss, how are we to continue to help others beyond our shores as we always have…being the most giving nation in the world?

This state of chaos has driven away balance and common sense. “Zero tolerance” only tells our children that adults are unable to think and consider what proper justice should be. This chaos has also made us a less free nation. The Index of Economic Freedom now has the United States at the number 12 position, dropping from number 6 only five years ago. Is anybody looking at the bottom of the hill on this downward slide? As we take God out of our nation, we open the door for Satan to come in for there are only those two options. We need to turn back and put God back on top, if not…more chaos to follow.

Reflecting on Chaos – Part 1

Surely it is not just me that thinks our world is moving more and more toward chaos and the very un-structuring of order. The insane practice of people texting while driving, for instance; we should not have to pass a law to try to stop such ridiculous activity. Where is the common sense to keep your eyes on the road? People want to out law guns to stop gun violence when the facts show that crime is higher in gun-free zones; friends it is a matter of the heart, not of guns! We have traded all thought of proper discipline in the home and school for forms that do not work, and then wonder why our kids are disruptive and fight authority. Our teachers are not supported by parents nor school administrators; they have their hands tied, the kids know it and throw gas on the fire. In business (speaking from experience), people demand un-obtainable perfection with unreasonable time frames, and then bring law suits when the impossible is not delivered ahead of schedule. I could go on, but I think you get the point with these few examples. What do these things have in common? We will investigate in the coming days.

Strive for peace and order…look for a blessing this day!

What are we doing to our children?

May be you saw published in United Press International on July 17, 2011 where police in Midway, Ga. shut down a lemonade stand in the front yard of the home of 3 girls. Reason? Oh, the young girls didn’t have a business license, a peddler’s permit, and a food permit. The 3 girls wanted to go to a water park…can you say “heat wave” in the south? They weren’t stealing from their parents, but were working for the money! Who wouldn’t think that is a responsible lesson for these girls? You know they would have appreciated the value of the money having had to actually work for it instead of so many sticking a hand out to Mom and Dad.

At a time when our public schools give out condoms to minors without parental permission, when elementary kids are having oral sex on school buses, and when massive cheating rings are taking place with not only the students, but the teachers; I ask you, which lesson is teaching the kids the best most honorable thing to do? I pick selling lemonade! Can we simply ask for a little…just a little…common sense, please!