Christianity Under Attack

A destructive virus has infiltrated America and it is growing rapidly. It is clothed in a well-meaning suit of tolerance. December 21, 2010, Armstrong Williams wrote a spot-on article entitled, “Secularists Assault on Christmas and Christianity”. America was started by people escaping the enslavement and control of the Church of England. They wanted to freely worship as Christians in the “New World”, a Christian world. Armstrong’s article starts out this way:

 “One of the most effective ways to overturn a culture is not to take it on directly, but to undermine it gradually. If you carry out a full-frontal assault on majority opinion, people become alarmed and fight back. But when you do it slowly, step-by-step, you can make your destruction look harmless… even reasonable.

 That’s exactly what’s happening in this country.

 For the past half century, there has been a slow but unrelenting attack on the Christian foundations of the United States. The evidence is beyond dispute.”

I am against any and all politics that places political agendas (Republican or Democrat) over my Orthodox Christian beliefs. We are seeing this takes today around the nation by shutting down the various “freedom of religion” laws, like the recent attacks on North Carolina. Forgetting politics; Christians are called to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves (Matt. 25:40). We are to take care of the innocent being brutalized by evil men (Luke 10:30-37). We are to devote ourselves to good works and be fruitful (Titus 3:14). These functions are not the role of government. And as much as we Christians are told to shut-up these days, we are to be witnesses to Jesus Christ over the whole world (Acts 1:8). This is what I strive to do; my books, articles, website, newspaper and blogs are only for this purpose.

What is the Upside of Non-Belief? No Structure, No Form, Chaos of Course!

Sticking with the tree metaphor…if your tree is to produce good things, then it must receive good nourishment. Structure is also important. What would happen if everybody was left to establish the point where they would follow societal structure or where it was okay to break those laws? As with the Laws of Thermodynamics and the four grand forces of the universe, everything is held together with a planned God-designed structure, but left alone without this structure; one would have chaos and no form. So too with the world’s cultures, if we don’t have “a good structure”, then we’ll have the deadly chaos of all the genocidal dictators of history and today. The “Black Lives Matter” group wants to do away with all police; what do they want? Anarchy? Without the structure of reinforced societal laws, we would have anarchy and chaos. Thinking from a spiritual point of view, this is where the atheists have no worthwhile structure or position. What is in it for them to attack Christianity, anyway? Why not just keep quiet and let each side exist on their own turf? If I am wrong in my faith, it doesn’t hurt them. What skin is it off their nose for me to believe in God and they don’t? I don’t attack them. Why do they attack me? Maybe they have such a weak structure, that they desire reinforcement from a like band of non-thinkers.

The correct answer lies in the fact that they are dry inside; there is no rich nourishment in an atheist; they are “desert people”, dryer than any 100 year old white bone. Just what is the reward for believing in atheism? Yes, it takes faith to not believe in God just as it does to believe in God. Actually, in my opinion, besides faith to not believe, it takes a willingness to not open your eyes, to not believe in God because God’s creation reveals its Creator (Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19). The heavens reveal the glory of God; you can deny it all you want but it still remains right in front of your nose!

God Creates Still…What will you notice in 2013?

Yes, it is true…many don’t believe in God, many more don’t believe in Jesus Christ. They work to condemn those that DO believe; what is in it for them to do so? Do their attacks on Christianity make the world a better place? No! Why not keep quiet and let those of us “who falsely believe” (their words not mine) just keep going in the wrong direction? Is there something about Jesus Lord and Savior that scares them? Yes, I think so! If God is dead, they should not be afraid, but those “anti-God, anti-Jesus” zealots ARE indeed afraid of something! The heavens and earth cry out the good news of the Great Creator God, you only need eyes to see (Ps. 19:1 and Romans 1:18-20). God, the Great I Am, is active in the world today…will you notice His activity in 2013? You must believe that you are loved (John 3:16-18)! The Holy Spirit will make your burdens light, just believe in Jesus; a firm belief in this promise will change your 2013, why not start today on this first day of the new year? Change your direction, open your eyes and your heart, and let The Creator into your life today!