Pray for George Will and all the other Atheists

Jesus Christ redeemed all through His blood and death on the cross; He paid the price. Now, salvation comes through a person accepting this great gift of grace and forgiveness, making Jesus Christ Lord of their life, and repenting of the old ways to become a new creation…thus trying to live a more pure life of thanksgiving for what you have already received. I respect George Will’s intellect. Newsmax published (Sept. 22, 2014) a quote from Mr. Will in a “Real Clear Religion” interview writing, “I’m an atheist. An agnostic is someone who is not sure. I’m pretty sure.
I see no evidence of God.” George Will said he majored in religion in college…what did they [the college professors] do to him? Was the very life sucked out of him? Where did his vision, his passion go? Newsmax goes on to provide the “Real Clear Religion” quote, “The basic question in life is not, ‘Is there a God,’ but ‘Why does anything exist?’ St. Thomas Aquinas said that there must be a first cause for everything, and we call the first cause ‘God.’ Fine, but it just has no hold on me.”

How sad! We Christians need to pray for the eyes of the atheists to be opened to see God! The evidence is all around us if you know how to look, how to open your eyes, your heart and your mind to God. Don’t they see that the walls they build blind them from seeing the very God they claim doesn’t exist? The book, “I Am, the Great Creator God” (available for review at was written just for this purpose. To show people how to “see”; how to open their eyes to the evidence of God all around them. They need to forget the nonsense of evolution and look at creation as being God created. As with a painter or architect, you will see the Creator in the creation. Start looking at the small things…Examine a Wood Duck, a Mandarin Duck, a Buckeye Butterfly, and a 7-Circle Butterfly to see God’s creative poetry! These (and many other examples) reflect delicate coloring and design symmetry, not needed for mate attraction or survival, symmetry is simply not possible as happenstance out-growth from some lower/lesser species. The people against God like to generate great intellectual debates sounding so learned so to scare off their opponents. They like to change definitions to suit their own arguments, as they do with the definition of entropy, which by the way scientifically does away with their scientific arguments on evolution. This is why we need to drop the self-defense walls, open our eyes, hearts and minds to at least the possibility of the presence of God, and become like little children to allow the Holy Spirit to convict you to the reality of a wonderful world of peace, grace, forgiveness and thanksgiving…God is waiting for you with open arms! Of course there is evil in the world. Of course bad things happen to good people. But there is so much more to the whole story of God’s plan for His creation; we know in part…we look through a glass darkly.

Mr. Will, the evidence you claim to seek is there. The culture has a way of blinding people, even more so now than a mere 10 years ago. I fear it is getting much worse. I pray for those with closed eyes and closed minds to have God’s Light of grace and forgiveness open up to them. If we Christians have placed a basket over God’s Light, then shame on us! We are charged with a task! We are to carry God’s Light into the world, not bury it to those that need to see it.

There are Sharks in the Water

If you are not aware of Rev. Alistair Begg, I would suggest you check him out at This morning in his daily devotional on Jeremiah 49:23, I would like to share the first paragraph with you:
“We are unaware of what sorrow may be upon the sea at this moment. We are safe in our quiet room, but far away out to sea the hurricane may be cruelly seeking the lives of men. Imagine the bitter winds howling through the rigging, the timbers heaving as the waves beat like battering rams upon the boat! God help you, poor drenched and wearied ones! I am praying to the great Lord of sea and land, that He will make the storm calm and bring you to your desired haven! I ought not simply to pray; I should try to help those brave men who risk their lives so constantly. Have I ever done anything for them? What can I do? How often does the boisterous sea swallow up the sailor!”

Today in America, Christians are now being persecuted at nearly every turn. Such a natural response as “bless you” to a sneeze can get you expelled from school. If it isn’t the hate-filled atheists fighting so hard against us (something I have never understood…if there is no God, then just let we Christians be wrong), if not the atheists then it is the New Age groups, the Gospel of Health & Wealth groups, or the Emergent Church or some other such apostate group. A storm is brewing my friends; a chaotic sea, tossing your boat about, which has the power to throw you into the abyss. What will calm your personal storm? What is the lighthouse to show you the rocky cliffs awaiting to tear apart your boat?

Read Matthew 14:22-33. As Peter stepped out on the water to go to Jesus, what allowed him to place that first foot down? Why would he even try to walk on water? Any fisherman knows you can’t walk on water, so what made Peter put his leg over the side of the boat and lower that first foot down? Answer, an over-whelming faith in his Lord Jesus Christ that transcended any worldly consideration of present reality. What made Peter start to sink? Answer, when he loss his focus on Jesus Christ and began to doubt. Where are you today?

Make Jesus your lighthouse! Allow the Word of God, the Logos, to provide navigation through the rough seas of life! Stay Biblically orientated, for God’s Word will light your pathway. There are many sharks in the water trying to get to you; I implore you to get close to the saving LORD, “Captain Jesus”…the only One who loves you so very much, He redeemed you from your sins and now desires to steer you to the safe waters of Paradise!

Everyone has Faith…but in whom?

People of faith”, almost always used to refer to those people believing in some organized religion, but it also takes faith to not believe in God, so we are all “people of faith”. It is simply a matter of what or to whom you chose to place your faith. Atheists will often ridicule the Christian for believing in an “unseen and unproven” God. I say it takes faith to believe that there is no God. I see the proof that God exists everyday! Oh, you misguided atheists, how blind you must be!

Recently, we have seen many actions throughout America where Christianity is under a vicious attack by the atheist mob. Why? If they are so set on their belief system…that there is no God…then why not just be quiet and let us all fall into oblivion? My retort might be to the athist: What makes you think you are right, you can’t see that there is not a God. Are you so arrogant that you wish to force everybody to adjust to your “belief system”? Answer to my question is: yes! Just look how such a small minority, empowered by the evil fuel of “political correctness, has so drastically changed America. 

This post is actually not against the atheists, they have every right to believe the way they want to; they can collect together, have meetings, parties, whatever. My struggle is: Why do they argue their point of view with such aggression and hostility? Why should they want to court people to join their little band of believers? Are they fund raising for their political machine? What do they expect to gain? If Christians are wrong, why not just leave them alone to die in their false beliefs? If the atheists, in their goodness, wish to “save the Christians” from their lies, what do the atheists offer in return?