Thanksgiving, Christmas…How is Your Faith?

We read in the twentieth chapter of John about the interchange between Jesus and Thomas. One of the twelve, Thomas had seen and experienced a lot in his three years traveling with Jesus. A week after Jesus appeared to most of the disciples and after Thomas said that it would take the physical evidence of his own touch to believe that Jesus was alive again, we find a dramatic scene. Behind locked doors Thomas and others were surprised when Jesus walked into their mist and greeted them. Knowing what Thomas had said a week earlier, Jesus invited him to touch the hole in His side and believe. Verse 27, Jesus said to “stop doubting and believe”, and Thomas, now with his physical evidence, believed. Then in verse 29 we read the words of Jesus, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Mankind hasn’t learned much about believing in Jesus for the search for physical evidence is still strong. December 18, 1995 issue of TIME asks the question on the cover “Is the Bible fact or fiction?” Using archaeology as the hand of Thomas, author Michael D. Lemonick asks the question “Are the Bible’s stories true?” Lemonick writes,

“Each spadeful of dirt an archaeologist turns up could yield evidence about how, and even whether, these and other biblical figures [Jesus, Abraham, King David and King Solomon] actually lived. As Hannukah and Christmas approach, believers around the world are attuned more than ever to the significance of archaeological finds of the past century, and especially the past few years, in establishing the reality of the events underlying their faith.”

 Sorry Mr. Lemonick, but I don’t need some archaeologist to “establish the reality” of my faith! I don’t need to touch the hole in Jesus’ side to believe; I see the reality all around me every day. Have the eyes to see! I see the work of the Lord, the Creator, in His creation; I see the work of the Holy Spirit in my life! My faith is real and strong and doesn’t require a dusty artifact to make it real!

I realize that many desire the “burning bush” type of physical evidence to believe; like the Thomas before them, it would make all this “faith stuff” more real. I used to work with some Pentecostal guys that constantly suggested they “throw out a fleece” to get a sign; for me, a closer walk with Thee is all I need. It was my hope that the book, I Am, the Great Creator God, would help people to see differently; that they would notice the physical proof they so desperately seek has been there all along, right in front of their noses.