For God So Loved The World!

There are many stories of those once believers in God, who at some point reject Him. Why? I have always wondered why. Of course I know there have always been apostates; Satan is probably the very first apostate as he is the leader of all the fallen angels, each an apostate on their own. But to understand Judas…I guess I will never understand how someone walking with Jesus 24/7 for 3 years, being there for most of the miracles and sermons, and then turn Him over to those wishing to kill Him. Oh, people have suggested Judas simply wanted to speed things up; that is, getting Jesus to free the Jews from Roman rule faster. Regardless, there is no justification for betraying Jesus. So let’s back on subject…why do people reject God?

A recent article I read about a Lutheran who became an atheist. When a young person, they had a friend who a Buddhist and the idea of the friend being lost for all eternity for not accepting Jesus could not be tolerated.

Admittedly, they noted a lack of careful examination of the evidence; so what is driving this rejection of Christ? I think that many apostates are simply “wishful thinkers”. They simply wish things to be different. They want the world, redemption, even God Himself, to be a different way, a way of their own desire and invention.

What selfishness! What Arrogance! What laziness to not examine the evidence for God’s mercy and grace! Those rejecting God and His instruction pattern actions of those of Adam & Eve. God gave us free will to decide for ourselves what we want to do and think, even if it is to reject God. But, I say that the creation has not right to be arrogant toward its Creator, for the Creator absolutely loves His creation