Open Your Eyes to See Wonderful Design, Part 2

The debate over a fundamentalist view of creation and the anti-theological evolution view has become so stagnant and stale that people now pay no attention to the facts. So blinded to agendas, they close their minds and eyes to actually see truth; they seem to all miss the actual physical evidence. Can we stop with all the emotion? I honestly am trying to break the blindness and the unthinking-rigidness of each side’s deadened concrete argument. One only has to look at the beauty, design and coloring of a “Wood Duck” or the “Mandarin Duck” to know that what I say is true…these creatures did not evolve from slime to  become ducks of such unbelievable indescribable beauty? Take a look at the detail, the coloring, the rhythms, and the mathematical order in these beautiful creatures. These “works of art” just didn’t evolve one step at a time, from one specie to another to another; no, the “Wood Duck” and the “Mandarin Duck” are exquisite examples of God’s poetry! There is not one single reason you can give me to “explain away” why the coloration, the shapes, the design details of these two magnificent creatures. God is the Creator and perfect Designer…period!

God created each individual animal species and called it good. As an architect who understands form, design, composition, symmetry, color and aesthetics; it is impossible to look at the wonderful designs in nature and believe they evolved from something else as simple happenstance. The sooner scientists look through the eyes of a Christian at God’s creation, the sooner the great evolution debate will disappear. The “Wood Duck” male’s beautiful coloring may provide attraction to the dull-looking female Wood Duck, but pattern, delicate detail, symmetry, shape and rhythm are not necessary for sexual attraction. A simple mass of color for the male would attract the dull female in most bird species; design would have nothing to do with it. If design details had anything to do with sexual attraction, then the “Mandarin Duck” would have all the female ducks, for no duck can out class it’s design and coloration. The beautifully designed feather patterns have nothing to do with the duck’s survival; it is all about God smiling, having fun creating a wonderful composition, and saying “it is good”. Our Creator God loves to create! Forget your preconceived notions about the ordinary and start looking much much deeper.

Each work of creation must reflect a part of the Creator; It is the nature of creation, whether it is an artist, a sculptor, an architect, a musician, filmmaker, writer, or God. Part of the creator is found within the creation, within the created item. When you look at the beauty on this planet, be it a person, a sunset, a flower or a “Mandarin Duck”, what do you see? Do you see something that has evolved from something else lower than itself, while the creator sits on the sidelines with nothing to do? Or do you see a planned work of art, an individual creation from the Great Creator God? The sooner you see each part, created by God, “individually” one at a time, as an important part of the whole masterpiece, the sooner you will respect other life found in the people and animals of this planet.

[For more discussion on God’s Designs, please refer to the book, I Am, the Great Creator God by Haven D. Mankin. Information about the book and how to obtain a copy is available at:]