Interestingly, I heard Sean Hannity and a radio preacher say that nothing can come from nothing. I have read this same thing from Ravi Zacharias, whom I have the upmost respect. I think if questioned, they would believe, as I do, that God is transcendent, that He always has been and always will be, never created.

I wrote about this topic in my book entitled “I Am, the Great Creator God”, published by Muskrat Books in 2010. What I wish to clarify in my statements that God created ex nilhilo; that is out of nothing. I wrote that “nothing” is nothing…no laws of thermodynamics, no matter, no energy, no anything. Even the great Steve Hawking could not get past gravity, thinking gravity was present. No. not even gravity!

We need to know and believe that God did exist and always has; there is no other explanation to what we see around us. God created out of nothing, the physical laws, the atomic particles of matter that those laws cement together (the “glue”) the energy for there to be something instead of nothing.

God did not need anything; He was complete and perfect. So, why create anything…especially mankind that has caused Him so much trouble over the centuries? There I only one reason. God wanted relationship with His creation out of love. In my book, as an architect, I wrote how creators relate to their creations. God Loves you and wants you to love Him, because He is YOUR creator! Doesn’t that mean something to you?

Those who chose to hate God or simply say He doesn’t exist, like to blame God for the existence of evil. God didn’t create evil…we did! There is only ONE reason we exist:

For God so loved the world…(John 3:16)