A Different Kind of Tree is about growth to become a better person. In reflection of your position on life’s path, you can determine whether you are growing strong and upright or not. Are you contributing “good fruit” to those around you? As the saying goes, hindsight is 20-20; growth is about reflection and a matter of perspective and contrast.

The New York Times best-selling author, Andy Andrews, who wrote “The Noticer” published by Thomas Nelson, and “The Noticer Returns”, published by W Publishing Group; speaks about how to make a change in your life by changing your perspective. Mr. Andrews talks about the storms in your life and that they may just be the best thing for your growth; it is about perspective. He notes that perspective leads to calm, which leads to clear thinking, which in turn leads to ideas, which leads to answers.

Most of us, whether conscious or not, are on a search for answers to life’s questions. Sometimes that search will make you mad and force you into denial. A Different Kind of Tree uses the author’s own true life stories of search and his gaining of perspective, coupled with other examples to become a “contrast barometer” with which you too can measure your own life, to see how good and bad decisions affect your life, and to see that there is a better path to take on life’s journey…a path to become A Different Kind of Tree.


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