What does it matter?

Reading in the Old Testament we can see how countries conquered countries, over and over again; thinking the age old idea that land was power. The king with the greatest collection of property was the “Big Guy”…at least for a while. There always seems to be another bigger stronger guy to come along to flex his muscles at the people’s expense.

Israel is no different, except for one important thing. It was the “Promised Land” given to the Hebrews by God. Of course, since that covenant was fulfilled, many countries have stepped on Israel and taken the land for themselves, and so it goes on today. The fight continues between the land owners (Israel) and the non-country, Palestine. People have taken sides and don’t seem to listen. The facts are twisted to agendas and I fear it will never end, at least until Jesus Christ returns.

One way to rub salt in the wound is for the anti-Israel folks to say Jesus was the first Palestinian; it comes up nearly every Christmas…”Jesus was not a Jew” they say. Silly at best! Jew or Christian, the facts of Jesus’ Jewishness are set in documented history and don’t need any defense. An interesting tidbit of information might be worth the time you have taken to read this post:  A rebellion in 132 AD, conqueror Rome renamed Israel “Palestina”; a 100 hundred years after the death of Jesus…so how could Jesus be a Palestinian?

What does it matter? The hatred in the world for the Jews will continue, and the hatred for we Christians is growing fast. What does it matter? My hope is in Christ Jesus my LORD and Savior; and I will continue to pray for peace.

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