It is past time to make our turn!

Democrat Presidential Candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, is quoted as saying that Old Testament Biblical text is wrong because he doesn’t believe it is right for today and that the text just “found its way into Scripture”.

From the first century to the 18th century, the Holy Scriptures were the very Word of God, the Logos, inerrant and infallible! Then came the Age of Enlightenment, then modern academic theory and critical interpretations, all of which led to reducing God’s Holy Word to mere text in their eyes [though not for the evangelicals]. We are now in a post-modern period, a period of relativity, no right and no wrong. The powers that be wish to remove all benchmarks of morality, anything goes.

The Ten Commandments of God, that tell us how to relate to God and to our neighbors, are being removed in favor of plurality, leading only to chaos. It is past time to make our turn! We must turn back to the very Word of God if we are to have a chance at a moral society where we are not killing each other, not killing unborn babies, and learning to live together regardless of skin color, all blood is red. It is all about the heart; we are all created in the image of God. We need to embrace this fact and turn back to the LORD.

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