The Future of Your Children and Grandchildren?

This blog is called “One Voice Crying in the Wilderness”…I think America is moving toward “wilderness”. Gone are the days when we could discuss the nation’s issues and learn from one another. Gone are the days of civility and sensitivity toward others. Gone are the days when we could allow others to live their lives unharmed even though we disagreed with their position on politics or lifestyle. Gone are the days when we could believe as we wish to believe; now we are forced to believe in whatever the minority of the population chooses to believe.

Do you ever fear for your children or grandchildren and the world they will have to live in?

Each generation should work to leave for future generations a better place, not to destroy it for the future. I know, you are thinking…who is to say what that future should be. That’s my point…there was in the past a time when we could friendly debate such ideas. Today, it is violence and cursing, shouting over one another…no one listening to an opposite position to find common ground. Destruction, not construction.

Paul Curry writes an interesting thought provoking post that would be worth your time to read. My wish is that though you may firmly disagree with his post, that you would still take a couple of minutes to read and reflect on it. Is that too much to ask when considering the future of America, the future of your children and grandchildren?

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