Who Are You?

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, you should know the story…people lining the path, laying down their cloaks to soften the road, waving Palm branches and singing for joy! Jesus was coming to Jerusalem to save Israel from Roman control…No! Jesus was coming to die to take on the sins of the world. Here we see for all history and future, God moving to redeem the world; that is, to pay the heavy price we cannot pay ourselves.

Early morning yesterday [still dark on a Friday morning some 2,000 years ago] an illegal trial with paid testimony before a very conflicted judge, Jesus was found guilty of telling the truth and ordered to be executed. Still in agony on that cruel cross, He is praying for us, to be forgiven of our sinful actions.

Who are you? Are you singing for joy only to shout crucify Him? Are you a paid liar in a courtroom? Are you completely confused and don’t know what is going on? Are you a person that sees today and forgets tomorrow? Are you crying that an innocent man is hung on a cruel tree? Are you the thief to one side of Jesus that realizes he is sinful and asks to be remembered? Are you the person that acknowledges their  sinfulness and asks for forgiveness? Are you a person who follows the LORD Jesus today and knows that tomorrow, Easter Sunday, celebrate His resurrection? Who are you? Who do you wish to be?

Jesus loves you, paid the great price for you; why not turn toward Jesus and follow Him? Jesus gave His life for you! Don’t you owe Him a response?

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