Yes, I will Pray for That!

I have been wondering how to get the truth out in a world that has conveniently decided there is NO absolute truth. This current generation has set up a great flexible system for itself; it is a system that anyone can believe whatever they wish and call it truth. That one person’s truth does not have to be another person’s truth…each can be different…whose to say? This easy system allows  anyone to conveniently reject real truth by simply stating there is no real truth…that one can believe whatever they want.

Yes, they can believe whatever they want, but that doesn’t make it truth. For 2,000 years the history of those maintaining the actual real truth is well documented. Can that factual history really be erased in one generation?

The problem with the current insane position is that there will indeed be a judgement day, a separation of the wheat and the weeds, a separation of the sheep and the goats. Because Christians care for our follow humanity, we desire none to be lost, so there is the question. How to warn today’s people of a one-day eternal judgement?

There is indeed absolute truth. You can say all day, every day that there isn’t any absolutes, but that will not remove the real truth. That is putting your head in the sand. I suppose that if you are left-leaning, you wish for government to watch out for you…this trust will fail you!

For me? I cannot convict anybody; I can only make introduction. I pray the Holy Spirit will illuminate those blinded by the current world-view and show them there is a different and better course to follow…yes, I will pray in all humility for that to happen.

Peace and Grace!

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