Can We be Better Children?

Everyone is a child of/from someone; that is, you had a mother and a father. My father died in 1994; I remember his last words to me as if they were spoken only moments ago. Well, my mother is now dying. Will I be repeating my words concerning my father? “I wish I was a better son.” Will I be saying, mother, I wish I was a better son a year from now? I don’t know…but I think so, I am far from perfect. I have not been a bad son, I love my mother…but I could have been better.

Don’t waste any moments being upset with your parents; be thankful you were given the gift of life. Likewise, be in relationship with your children now so that they too may have the benefit of relationship later in life with you. Don’t waste a single day by being selfish. My book, “A Different Kind of Tree” available at Amazon or at was all about my journey from sinner to be a child of God. Did I mess up earlier in life? Yep! Did I waste valuable time? Yep! Can I learn to do better? Yep, I did learn! Will I do better? You bet! I have siblings, children and grandchildren; it is definitely worth the effort!

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