Garbage-in Means Garbage-out

I contend that a person’s dress and their speech are connected to their actions. Just look how people dress these days to travel; not long ago you would dress up to travel. People’s actions will affect what they think, and what they think affects their actions. I believe that what you chose to take into your heart impacts how you will act and talk. I believe that “garbage-in means garbage-out”. It is all connected. Today, it is rare to encounter “manners”. It is rare to see chivalry and courtesy. Many say that the culture is much more coarse today than just a few decades ago. One thing that is very common today among young and old…foul language in open everyday communications. We see teachers in young classrooms using foul language. It is a rare rap song that isn’t laced with foul language. Kids tell parents that everyone talks that way.

The Bible has much to say about the evil of the tongue, driven by an impure heart. An evil tongue, driven by an evil heart, is the cultural damage we see every morning in newspapers and on TV news shows. It is the tongue that creates the gang wars and shootings at sports events. Obviously there are some refreshing exceptions, but does anyone doubt me concerning the current state of our culture, our politics, and Hollywood?

Fill your heart with the blessings of God’s Holy Word, the Bible, be at peace with yourself, and be nice and courteous to those you meet…you will find your heart and your voice will start changing into a compassionate and sensitive human being.


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