Moving Backward into the Deep Caverns of Hate

Evil comes in all packages. Often, groups with the nicest sounding names can be the most evil; wolves in sheep clothing. Where I live, middle America, I see no racism…we all get along just fine. I see people helping one another. Why is it that the purported racism seems to most often be in the big liberal cities, rather than middle America? God created all of us in His image; we are all children of God. Whether you believe in God or not, you were created by a Divine Hand. All blood is red! We Christians (true, not just name only) do not see the human differences; so, I must ask, is there a business, a way of gaining power and money from promoting hate?

I am not completely unaware; I have been a witness to history for more than 60 years, but we seem to be moving backward into the deep caverns of hate. Have we not learned anything after all the trial and errors that have been made in our 200 years? It appears to this one observer that the arguments are growing more absurd and dangerous. Why is hate fueled so much? What is to be gained? In recent memory, there was a Washington News Bureau Chief who broadcasted, to his own demise thankfully, that the GOP would be happy with black people drowning as hurricane Isaac approached. This so-called journalist didn’t know the real facts; that it was the GOP that brought about all the civil rights improvements we have in this country…that the KKK was first a democrat group. Can we move forward and not backward?

In recent memory we have Ferguson activists threatening the police and praying for their death. But people like this are fueled by their leadership. The so-called Reverend Sharpton, speaking in a church on the events in Ferguson claimed an ancient Biblical text, not supported by Jesus Christ, that there would be an “eye for an eye” in retaliation for their perceived mis-justice in the case. In other words, he was saying there would be death for death and the fight was not over. In pulling down Old Testament verse to suit his passion, his political agenda, he chose to not obey the teachings of Jesus (Matthew 5:39-45) for a pastor is not to make the Word of God his vehicle for hate.

Please, I pray, let’s turn around before it is too late in this country to repair itself and become a “Godly Nation” again. Shalom.


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