Spiritual but not Religious…oh really?

You hear people say, I’m a spiritual person but I am not religious. What does that mean? Many will tell you that spirituality is finding your inner peace, finding your true self and your true path…whatever that means. They will tell us that spirituality is deep healing of mind, body and spirit…a shift to a higher consciousness and understanding. This is all humanism; making the person the power generator capable of reaching the high levels on their own. This type of thought sets the individual at the center of all that happens. This kind of spirituality is simply a preoccupation with ourselves.

Real spirituality is something you cannot do on your own, but requires formation by God’s Spirit. Called “Spiritual Formation” and it is entirely different from the humanism we see all around us. It is complex and takes a lifetime. Spiritual Formation places Jesus Christ in the center to keep us out of the center.

If you really want a worry-free life, one with a peace that passes all understanding, you only need to turn to Christ Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to  be a child of God. God will replace your evil heart with a new heart and a new spirit (Ezekiel 36:26). God will put His Spirit in you (Ezekiel 36:27). This is the real spirituality available to all people.

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