Down With The "ME" Generation!

For decades now we have had the philosophical experts say a person must satisfy himself first, must think of herself first, must always put yourself first; and that you must strive to make your life fulfilled. In business, the experts say you should always pay yourself first before any other obligations. We had and have the “me” generations; it is all about “me”. I say, “baloney”, it is all baloney! This teaching is quicksand, it sucks you in and under…and you die a selfish death! This teaching destroys. This is all the work of Satan, the great apostate!

This kind of nonsense is what destroys marriages; fifty percent divorce rates show the results of these past decades of erroneous teaching. If one feels unfulfilled, if one is not getting what one wants out of the marriage, they bail. We see the results in phrases such as: I am unhappy, I don’t get what I want, I don’t like the sex, I want another. It is all about the “I”. This is not what a marriage is to be! In a relationship, each person shall work hard for the joy of the other! If I put my wife first and she puts me first, what do you suppose the outcome will be? I will tell you from experience; it will be a long-lasting wonderful household of love, caring and sharing.

Matthew 17:24 (ESV) “The Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”” Deny one’s self…can you image what the behavior experts would say about that suggestion? Put others first…we are seeing this play out by the thousands along the Gulf Coast in south Texas as I write this post. This is what makes a great marriage! This is what makes a great society! This is what makes a great nation!

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