Yes, We are indeed loved by God

What have you thought when you have heard the statement, “she is a child of God”? What does that mean? What it means is what it says, plain and simple. It means that where the Holy Spirit gives witness that our spirit has received Christ Jesus as LORD and Savior, then we become children of God (Romans 8:16). What then? What does the child receive from his father? His inheritance of what the father has built up. As a child of God, we are heirs to the Kingdom of God (Galatians 4:1-7). As with the “Parable of the Prodigal Son” story, the father threw a great banquet for a son that did not deserve it, a son who made all the bad decisions and wasted everything. The reason was simple; the son was lost but came back home to the father, back to the family.

 My poor decisions occurred when I was not connected to the “Jesus Trunk”. I was getting poor nourishment by my own actions and decisions. It was not God’s making. I don’t blame God for God waited on me to come back to Him; this is grace. There is no way I can get to heaven except by the “Jesus gate”; it is not by my works, but is by the One I dedicate my life to. In being born again, the old has passed away and my bad decisions and sins are remembered no more. As a born again Christian, my new life should reveal what a real Christian is, and not one in name only…actions speak louder than words.

 Though we, the body of Christ in the Christian Church, did not deserve it for all of our bad decisions once made, when we lost souls have finally awaken and turned back to God, we will receive the heavenly banquet and a place in heaven’s mansion where the Father, excited to have us back again, welcomes us home to the Garden again, welcomes us back into the family of God.

 Following the “tree metaphor” in the book this blog follows, A Different Kind of Tree; connect to the “Jesus Trunk”, who supports like none other; take root into the Word of God to receive the best nourishment like none other; go out and produce good fruit for when your branch is connected to Jesus Christ and you are then indeed, “A Different Kind of Tree”!


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