Knowing Who Jesus Is

Many Protestant theologians (e.g., Luther, Calvin, and Barth) emphasize God as known in Jesus Christ, over God as known through creation. Is an emphasis on knowing God through creation, and the accompanying go-a-long traditional arguments for his existence, detracting from the knowledge of God as Redeemer as revealed His Word…the Bible?

I believe there is a great deal to be learned about God if you have the eyes to see the wonderment and glory of His creation. The book this blog patterns; I Am, the Great Creator God, is all about gaining the eyes to see. This “general revelation” is certainly enough to prove the existence of God. But if you are not reading the Bible, you will not know that all of creation is and was through Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity.  However, one can deepen their knowledge of who this Godhead is by reading His Holy Word. We find out who Jesus is throughout the Old Testament, and we find out what Jesus, the incarnate God, does and says in the New Testament. All this then is energized by the power of the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity (Trinity). Thus the Triune Godhead is revealed and knowledge is exploded in very special ways going far beyond and deepening beyond general revelation. Now, you are in the classic position for God to use your special gifts, greatly empowered for your role in a possible “special revelation” encounter with the living God.

Not all religions are alike; the difference in the big 3, is who is Jesus?  In Christianity, Jesus is the Christ; in the other 2 main religions of the world, He is not. Thus there is only one thing we can do…turn toward Jesus Christ and humbly come before that Messiah Jesus, on our knees, and call Him LORD.

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