Love is – Kicking Us Out of the Garden

Now, there are indeed some folks (and churches) going around saying that since Jesus already paid the price for my past, present, and future sins; I can now do whatever I want to. Wrong! How selfish is that! Is that the way you thank someone that rescued your eternal soul from hell? If you think so, then you are greedy, selfish and arrogant. You don’t have freedom from sin to keep on sinning! There is only one true “thank you” response; you repent from your sin, and then you praise, worship and dedicate your life to the service of Christ Jesus.

 This, my friends, is the development of “good symmetry”, a move toward perfection; finally to be obtained when you are made whole again in God’s Glory. At such time, God will repeat a statement once made long ago about His creation and repeated when you were created, “It is good”.

 Using the beautiful butterfly as metaphor, we start out low as caterpillars and we change, some all at once and some gradually. From our fallen state, we morph into a new creation not at all like the caterpillars we were before. God wants His “butterflies”, but He wants His “butterflies” to love Him unconditionally. This is not natural by itself for the world sees it all as foolishness (1 Cor. 1:18); it all takes becoming a new creation in Christ, changed and made new by the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 5:17).

 You see, we don’t deserve God’s saving grace! People turn from God because they wrongly say, “God doesn’t care about me”. How arrogant is that? It is the same thing as saying, “God loves everybody in the world but me”. The truth is this: We [humanity] were kicked out of the Garden of Eden before we could eat from that second tree…the “Tree of Life”. Eating from the “Tree of Knowledge”, the one thing we were told not to do, was our arrogant attempt to be like God; to have the every knowledge of God. But had we eaten from the “Tree of Life”, we would eternally be damned by this sin. God’s first saving act was to kick us out of the Garden; yet, today, many see the action as hate from a vengeful God.


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