The Existence of Evil Argument

Often I see or hear about people rejecting God because of there being evil in the world. This comes from a lack of understanding about evil, but this kind of statement is not good enough; we will not reach the rejecting humanity with a statement like that.  We Christians should ask and be prepared to deal this question:  How great a problem is the existence of evil as a counterargument against the existence of God as He is understood by Christians?

I think there are a great many who use this “evil exists” argument to say that God could not be real, nor be a God of love, nor all powerful…or He would eliminate evil. I believe this to be a huge problem. The Church has not done a good job to explain where evil came from and how people gravitate toward it instead of toward God. Evil was not created but is the result of people’s free will to choose what they want. Lucifer and one third of the angels wanted to be god by their free will and were cast from heaven. Adam & Eve wanted to have the knowledge of God and thus were cast from the Garden (actually this is an act of love by God to save them from eternal separation). I believe that God did not create evil but allows it and sometimes can even use it to open up the eyes of those He wishes to reach. As a parent may allow a child to finally touch a hot stove after repeatedly saying not to, the child finally learns the stove is indeed hot. The parent remains loving to their child. Love and free will allows people to accept or reject God. God wishes His creation to glorify Him, but because we are VERY much loved by God (John 3:16), God does not bind and chain us as prisoners. Thus we are free to reject Him and blame it on other circumstances, such as the existence of evil, or turn to God and find mercy and salvation from evil. You are not a puppet manipulated by a set of strings; you are free to decide to follow God or your own set of idols; only one of these two options leads to peace and grace.

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